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BMW Antenna

The radio in your BMW can be an important source of information, for such items as news, weather, and traffic reports. In order to receive the information successfully, however, your BMW antenna must be in good working order. Made out of a long piece of metal, the BMW antenna is directly responsible for grabbing the radio signals out of the air and transferring them to the radio. Once inside the radio, the signal is amplified and converted back into its original format of speech or music. The standard BMW antenna is pretty hard to damage accidentally, though it is possible. It is much more likely to be broken through the work of vandals. When you must replace the standard BMW antenna, our online catalog will have the correct version for most vehicles in stock, at a great price compared to other retailers. It is made to the same standards as the original part and is a direct replacement. Simply remove the damaged unit, and replace it with the new BMW antenna. If the original BMW antenna was of the motorized, telescoping variety, the most probable cause of failure is the motor itself. To transfer power to the core of the motor, small pieces of springy metal are used, and these eventually wear from friction, to the point that the motor will no longer work. Another common issue is that the BMW antenna will become stuck in one position or another, due to wear and corrosion. Our online catalog will also have the motorized version for most vehicles. When you are ready to order the BMW antenna, it can be done by phone, toll-free, or though our secure online ordering system.