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BMW Axle Assembly

When you have an all-wheel or front-wheel drive BMW, transferring the power to the wheels becomes a much harder problem to overcome than the standard rear-wheel drive vehicle. The BMW axle assembly, however, has been uniquely designed to accomplish this task efficiently. Using a slip joint and a pair of constant velocity joints, the system can adjust for both the vertical motion of the suspension and for the steering of the front tires. The constant velocity joints allow the BMW axle assembly to flex, while maintaining the power to the wheels, at a constant power and speed, with little vibration. With the vertical motion under control, the lateral motion is then provided by the combination of the slip joint at the transmission side, and the bit of lateral motion provided by the constant velocity joint. Because of the extreme forces involved in the transfer of power through the BMW axle assembly, the joints will soon begin to show damage from the forces of corrosion and friction. When the joints are nearing failure, it can be heard as a girding noise or felt as a vibration in the front end. Sometimes the individual joints are repairable or replaceable, but if not, the entire BMW axle assembly may have to be replaced. You will find the correct version for your vehicle in our large online catalog, at significantly less than what the dealership would charge for a replacement. Our BMW axle assembly is made to meet the same quality standards as the dealership's version and it has a full warranty from the manufacturer. The new BMW axle assembly for either side can be ordered through our secure web site at any time or by phone, toll-free.