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BMW Brake Caliper

When you press the brake pedal of your BMW, many components come together to ensure that the vehicle comes to a stop quickly and safely. One of the most important parts in the braking system is the BMW brake caliper. It pushes the brake pads into the brake disc, and the high-friction materials of the brake pads bring the wheel to a stop. The BMW brake caliper is powered by hydraulic pressure that is developed by the master cylinder, and sent through the brake lines. When the pressure reaches the BMW brake caliper, pistons within the unit close the two halves of the part together. It is a very durable system, but after many years, wear and corrosion will start to take their toll on the unit. If the seals within the pistons of the BMW brake caliper begin to crack from age and leak, the pistons will no longer be able to provide enough power to the brake pads to operate efficiently. As corrosion and road debris build up within the BMW brake caliper, it may become extremely hard for the system to operate, even with the correct amount of hydraulic pressure. If a recent inspection of the brakes has revealed that the BMW brake caliper must be replaced, you will find the correct version for your vehicle in our large online catalog, for a price that is much lower than a similar part from the dealership. It is made to the same quality standards and has a full warranty from the manufacturer. To order your new BMW brake caliper, visit our web site, with secure online ordering, or make a toll-free phone call to our sales department.