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BMW Brake Dust Shields

One of the most frustrating jobs when cleaning your BMW can be removing the mixture of brake dust and grease that deposits on your wheels every time you hit the brakes. You can save a lot of time and energy by installing a set of BMW brake dust shields from our online catalog. They fit between the wheels and the brake discs on your vehicle, and redirect the air so that it flows underneath you vehicle, rather than towards the wheels. Within this stream of air, the brake dust and grease is carried safely away from your wheels. Many wheels are very sensitive to scouring and cleaning chemicals, so with the BMW brake dust shields installed, you will be much less likely to cause damage to the finish of your wheels. Installing them is very easy and starts by removing each wheel, one at a time. Install one of the BMW brake dust shields over the lug bolts that the tire mounts to, put the wheel back on, and tighten the lug nuts. The BMW brake dust shields conform to the particular shape of the components in your vehicle, and they will not cause any interference to the normal operation of these parts. Painted a corrosion-resistant flat black, the BMW brake dust shields will be barley noticeable behind your wheels. Made from high-quality steel, they will protect your wheels for many years, and they have a full warranty from the manufacturer. When you are ready to order the BMW brake dust shields for your vehicle, the process can be completed online, through our secure web site, at any time, or by phone, with a toll-free call.