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BMW Brake Pad Set

In order to bring your BMW to a complete stop, the braking system uses the force of friction on the surface of the brake disc. The devices that provide that friction are the BMW brake pads. The standard version is constructed from a composite of asbestos and rubber, and this combination produces a high amount of friction when needed. When you press the brake pedal of your vehicle, a power booster multiplies the force of your foot, and applies that force to the master cylinder to create hydraulic pressure. The master cylinder sends its power to the caliper through the brake lines, and the caliper forces the BMW brake pads down onto the brake disc. As the BMW brake pads stop the vehicle, the friction slowly eats their composite material away, resulting in brake dust. After about a year, it will be necessary to replace the BMW brake pads in your vehicle. In our online catalog, you will find the perfect set for most vehicles, at a great price. Our standard BMW brake pads will perform as well as the stock parts, and they are a great value. If you would like to upgrade the performance of the braking system, or would like to change the BMW brake pads less often, we also offer upgraded versions for many vehicles. By using metals or ceramics in the composite, the upgraded BMW brake pads bring the vehicle to a stop quicker, produce less brake dust, and are more durable when confronted with the forces of friction and heat. To order the BMW brake pads of your choice for your vehicle, visit our secure web site today, or complete the order by phone, toll-free.

BMW Brake Pad Set Models