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BMW Cylinder Head Gasket

Engine oil is contaminated with water or coolant; coolant is contaminated with oil; white smoke that smells like fuel coming out of the tailpipe; the engine misses while running; oil and coolant leaking out of the engine blockall of these are symptoms of a blown or damaged BMW head gasket, unless otherwise your BMW has previously been diagnosed for a cracked cylinder head, a cracked cylinder block or a damaged turbocharger. Nevertheless, all of these symptoms require attention and the first thing that you should check whenever these symptoms appear is the cylinder head gasket.

The head gasket is a gasket that sits between the cylinder head and the cylinder block with a primary function of tightening the seal between these two components. Despite this simple-sounding function, the head gasket is actually one of the most critical gaskets used in a vehicle. Aside from sealing the cylinder head and block, the BMW head gasket also seal the combustion chambers, coolant passages and oil passages between the head and block. This is the reason why whenever the head gasket of your BMW fails, an intermixing between the combustion gas, oil, and coolant could be easily noticed.

There are many possible causes of head gasket failure, although all of them can be categorized into three. The first category would be those failures resulting from design issues with the engine or the gasket. An example of this problem is the use of different metals with different thermal expansion characteristics for the cylinder head and block. The second category, on the other hand, would refer to those problems resulting from improper head gasket installation. Then, the third category would refer to head gasket failures caused by stressful operating conditions like engine overheating, detonation and pre-ignition.

But whatever the cause is, it is important that a blown or damaged BMW head gasket be replaced immediately before your BMW starts losing a lot of lubricant oil or coolant. Head gasket replacements, however, may cost a bit high. The replacement BMW head gasket in itself is affordable but the labor cost would surely pump up the price.

  • Closer Look at BMW Cylinder Head Gasket 11 October 2012

    Replacing a BMW head gasket is an arduous task, one that will cost you a significant amount of your hard-earned cash if done at the shop. That's because although the actual replacement of the BMW head gasket is a fairly simple process, it requires the time consuming removal of numerous engine parts to access it, one of the reasons that this particular repair ranks high on the least favorite to perform list. However, the fact that ' aside from its time consuming nature ' replacing the BMW head gasket is fairly simple and, as long as you take care to make sure that you take the steps necessary to make ensure that the seal will be secure, is something that you probably can do at home, may make it worthwhile to avoid the hefty labor charges of the local automotive service center. If you do choose to install your own BMW head gasket, don't allow yourself to be tempted by any of those backyard mechanic short cuts, as the odds are that you'll pay for them in the end by having to do the BMW head gasket again far too soon. There will be at least one person suggesting you just loosen the head enough to slide the old gasket out and the new BMW head gasket in. It's not worth the little bit of time you may save. You need to carefully clean the area and inspect it to make sure that there has been no warping. If the area is dirty and gummy from the old gasket, if there's been warping or the head needs to be smoothed, the BMW head gasket will not seal properly, and you'll soon have to take everything apart again and do it right. You can order your BMW head gasket online or with a quick toll-free telephone call.