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BMW Fan Blade

The BMW fan blade is a component in the engine-cooling system of your vehicle, helping to generate the flow of cool air that is forced through the radiator to aid in the dissipation of engine heat. The BMW fan blade can be powered by an electric fan motor, common in front-wheel drive vehicles and most late model vehicles, or a belt driven system, which uses direct power from the engine, with the assistance of a pulley, to rotate the BMW fan blade. The engine cooling system requires a constant flow of air through the vehicle radiator to remove heat from the liquid coolant as it winds its way through the radiator cooling cores. The coolant collects this heat as it passes through the engine, removing it from the metal surfaces to lower the temperature of the engine. The motion of the vehicle generates a flow of air through the grille that is sufficient for engine cooling when it is traveling at normal driving speeds. However, when the vehicle is idling or moving at a slow rate of speed the assistance of the BMW fan blade is necessary to maintain the flow of air necessary to prevent engine overheating. In most vehicles, the BMW fan blade rotates only when its cooling flow of air is necessary, slowing or stopping its rotation when there is an ample supply of air generated by vehicle motion in order to conserve power. We carry a selection of quality BMW fan blade replacement parts in or online catalog at very reasonable prices. Our site is secure and well organized, making it fast and safe to order your BMW fan blade or our toll-free phone line can help you with your order just as conveniently.