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BMW Headers

A nice set of BMW headers can add significant gains in horsepower to your vehicle, though probably the more accurate way to say it is that such an addition will allow your vehicle to use the horsepower that it already has better. When your vehicle expels exhaust from the combustion area, if you are not using a set of BMW headers, the odds are that your engine is spending precious horsepower to push that exhaust out. When you install a quality set of BMW header, however, you make that process much smoother, as the pathway is then less restrictive of the exhaust flow and, thus, requires much less effort - and horsepower - from the engine. That means that horsepower, instead of being spent on pushing exhaust around, will be available for other uses. There are a variety of types and styles of BMW headers to choose from, and in addition to choosing by performance level, you can also choose according to finish, as many are designed to look fabulous under the hood, as well as to improve performance. Among the available finishes for BMW headers are ceramic finishes, sterling finishes and polished stainless steel. The installation process is fairly straightforward, with many BMW headers mounting up easily to pre-existing mounting points. However, some types of BMW headers may require modifications to install, so make your choice carefully, according to what you want to do under the hood. You are welcome to make use of our live help system, available through our website, if you would like a little professional assistance in making your selection or have questions about the various types of BMW headers we carry. When you're ready to order your BMW headers, you can use our online ordering system or dial our toll-free telephone number.