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BMW Intake Manifold

Ever wondered why a BMW vehicle exhibits superior power? The short explanation: it is a BMW. The long explanation: because it is equipped intelligent systems that allow its various parts to work at their best. In the BMW engine's power production, for example, only the proper mixture of air and fuel is being fed to the engine. And to allow this mixture to reach each cylinder of the engine in the proper amount, a high quality BMW intake manifold is used.

The BMW intake manifold is a system of tubes which leads the air/fuel mixture from its source to the various cylinders of the vehicle's engine. For older BMW, the inlet manifold sits between the carburetor and the cylinder head(s). For late model BMW vehicles, this system of passages connects the throttle body to the cylinder head(s). Further, for BMW vehicles featuring multi point injection engines, the intake manifold would hold the fuel injectors.

There are many types of BMW intake manifold; each type specifically designed for the particular type of BMW engine on which they would be paired with. Fuel and air mixture, however, would follow the same paths in whatever type of intake manifold a vehicle is equipped with. From the throttle body or the carburetor, the fuel/air mixture would flow to a chamber called plenum. From the plenum, it would be directed to individual tubes called intake runners, which in turn would guide the mixture to the individual intake ports.

While the intake manifold is but a system of non-moving tubes, its design is nonetheless critical for the optimum operation of the engine. This is the reason why the engineers behind every BMW vehicle have given the manufacture of BMW intake manifolds enough attention. BMW intake manifolds are designed intelligently so that the proper mixture of air and fuel is delivered to each cylinder of the engine; that is, every cylinder is fed with a mixture of equal strength and quality.