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BMW Thermostat

The BMW thermostat is a small component in the engine cooling system of your vehicle that provides a role in maintaining a safe and efficient operating temperature for the engine. The engine runs most efficiently at a fairly warm temperature, needing a certain level of heat to be lubricated properly by the engine oil. Engine oil become thick when the engine is cold, making it unable to circulate as efficiently, nor coat the engine parts as effectively as it should to prevent friction. The friction that can be produced in a poorly lubricated engine can be very damaging to many delicate moving parts. The BMW thermostat helps to avoid such damage by allowing the engine to warm more quickly, getting the oil warmed and performing effectively throughout the engine to keep friction to a minimum. The BMW thermostat speeds up the warming of the engine by blocking the circulation of the engine coolant in the vehicle radiator until the engine has reached a temperature that allows it to function at its most efficient. The BMW thermostat will remain closed until the engine has heated the coolant to a preset temperature. Once the proper temperature has been reached, the BMW thermostat will open, allowing the cooling process to begin to prevent the engine from building too much heat, which is very damaging to engine parts as well, maintaining a delicate balance between too much and too little engine heat that allows efficient engine operation. We carry a selection of quality BMW thermostat replacements in our online catalog at great low prices. Our site is secure and efficient, making it safe and easy to order your BMW thermostat or our toll-free phone line can help you just as efficiently.