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BMW Timing Belt

The BMW timing belt is crucial to the smooth and synchronized function of your engine, making the efficient production of engine power possible. The BMW timing belt transfers the torque power from the crankshaft of the engine to the camshaft, which allows the valves to open and close in order to provide the engine with the fuel and air it needs to produce combustion, and expel the exhaust fumes that are created by that combustion process. The BMW timing belt must provide a smooth transfer of this power for the process to operate with the precise timing that is necessary for the engine to perform at its best. If this process is not precisely synchronized, the delicate balance of fuel and air that produces the most efficient engine combustion can be compromised, leading to poor engine performance. The BMW timing belt must be replaced periodically to prevent wear that affects the performance of the engine. There are recommended guidelines for the replacement intervals of the BMW timing belt, usually found in the vehicle owner's manual. This regular maintenance is critical to the efficiency of the vehicle, as a worn or stretched BMW timing belt can cause quite a few problems in the everyday function and efficiency of the engine. A broken BMW timing belt will leave the vehicle at a standstill, unable to start and run, and in some engines expensive damage can occur as the belt breaks. Our online catalog carries a selection of quality BMW timing belt replacements at very reasonable prices. Our secure site makes it safe and easy to order your BMW timing belt or our toll-free phone line is just as convenient.