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BMW Valve Cover

Who is not in distress if they detect oil, fluid, water leaks on the ground after they have parked their vehicle? Like death and taxes, leaks are inevitable so there is nothing to worry about as it happens all the time. But what if oil spots turn into puddles? Most likely trouble is in the horizon. While most car owners doesn't think about vital-fluid leaks, meticulous auto enthusiasts will take them seriously and do the necessary repairs right away.

Failure to correct leaks can lead to overheating, prematurely worn parts, breakdowns and hazardous driving conditions. So whenever signs of fluid leakage are present under your BMW, it pays to investigate. But hindering an oil leak is really frustrating if you don't find the correct source of the oil leak, right? Believe it or not but one of the source of oil leaks are your BMW valve covers.

The valve cover is the long lid made of either plastic or metal that lays on top of the cylinder head, covering the various engine valve train components, specifically the valves. Aside from this main function, the valve cover is also responsible for containing lubricant oil in the valve train area. But while it is the function of your BMW valve cover to contain the lubricant oil as it drips back to the bottom of the engine, sometimes it is the valve cover itself that causes the leak.

What causes the leak? One is the warping of the BMW valve cover due to the heat of the engine core which causes oil to seep through the valve cover gasket. Another is that if your BMW valve covers are corroded already, it may develop holes in its surface that also causes the leak. But these things can be prevented if you only know the proper maintenance of your vehicle. However, if you really think you need a valve cover replacement, then have it replaced right away.

  • Closer Look at BMW Valve Cover

    The BMW valve cover is built to enclose and protect the delicate parts that make up the engine valve train. The valve train is made up of a number of vital engine parts, such as the rocker arms, lifters, valve springs and push rods. In engines that use an overhead cam system, there is a cam located under the BMW valve cover as well. These parts are quite delicate, and must operate with precision to keep the engine performance at its most efficient. The valve train system needs a constant flow of engine oil passing through the BMW valve cover to operate without producing friction, which can cause extreme wear on its moving parts. The BMW valve cover must keep this flow of engine oil contained to ensure that the supply remains sufficient to keep the valve train well lubricated. This can be made difficult by the position of the BMW valve cover, as it is mounted on the top of the engine, with a gasket to seal it at the bottom where it bolts to the engine. Engine oil circulates through the BMW valve cover under pressure in a constant circuit that pumps the oil up through the push rods to coat the rocker arms, and then drains the excess away through a number of small drain holes to the oil pan. If there is any opening in the seal of the BMW valve cover, gravity can easily draw the oil out to leak away, leaving the vital valve train parts unprotected and subject to friction damage or failure. We carry a selection of BMW valve cover replacements at great prices in our online catalog. Our secure site will make ordering your BMW valve cover fast and easy or our toll-free phone line can take your order just as conveniently.