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BMW Wheel Bearing

If you drive an older vehicle, perhaps a beautiful, classic BMW, and you start hearing a grinding noise in the area of the wheel, while the vehicle is in motion, you should probably suspect your BMW wheel bearing, holding that in mind as you try to find the source of the noise. If there is no readily apparent reason for that noise, then you'll want to try to verify whether or not it is, in fact, your BMW wheel bearing that has gone bad and is producing the noise. It is a simple process to check your BMW wheel bearing, however, because it involves jacking up your vehicle and getting underneath and shaking things around, you really should make sure to take precautions. Use jack stands, block the tires, maybe use a set of ramps, and definitely use protective eye gear, as you may have rust and other debris flaking off and falling right into your eyes, which could result in scratched corneas. Once you've raised and secured your vehicle, grab the tire in question, with a hand on either side of it, and try to rock it back and forth. If it rocks, the odds are that your BMW wheel bearing is shot. If you are planning to replace your BMW wheel bearing yourself, and you have not done this sort of repair before, you should know right up front that it is going to take a while. However, it can be done successfully by the inspired and determined do-it-yourselfer with a decent set of tools. You can order your BMW wheel bearing online, via our securely encrypted site, or you can dial our toll-free telephone number.