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BMW Window Motor

The BMW window motor provides the power to operate your power windows, supplying the electric power that raises and lowers the glass when you press the window controls. The BMW window motor gives power to the gears that control the window regulator, which provides the motion to make the window glide smoothly. The BMW window motor is located inside the vehicle door, behind the door panel and is attached to the window regulator. The BMW window motor is a tough and reliable component, functioning dependably through many thousands of widow operations, but can begin to show wear with age, as with any vehicle part. The power window may begin to move up and down more slowly as the BMW window motor begins to wear, growing less efficient in its output of electric power. As time passes, moisture can invade the inside of the door panel, causing corrosion to the power window components. This can cause the BMW window motor to work harder than normal to raise and lower the glass, causing excess wear and even burning out the motor over time. If this occurs, you can find yourself with the inconvenience of a window that will not open, or cannot be closed to shut out the weather. Either of these situations can create quite a hassle, and replacement of that faulty BMW window motor will be necessary. Luckily, this is not a terribly difficult repair for the do it yourself type, easily done at home. We carry a selection of quality BMW window motor replacements in our online catalog at very reasonable prices. Our secure site makes it safe and easy to order your BMW window motor or our toll-free phone line can take your order conveniently as well.