2022 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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Our Vision

Empowering Drivers Along Their Journey

At, we know life is all about the journey. A collection of priceless moments that add up to a lifetime of experiences. You might not always know where the road will take you, or what will happen along the way. But one thing is for sure: Life is meant to be lived. So, embrace the unexpected. Because when you need us, we'll be here.

" is a fast-growing company that is quickly penetrating more of the $300 billion auto parts market. And while we have expanded rapidly, we have kept social responsibility at the forefront of our decisions." David Meniane
Chief Executive Officer
Empowering People & Communities

Empowering People & Communities has put substantial resources into building the culture it has today. We view this investment as an integral part of the company's success, and we are constantly developing new ways to support our teams.

People want to work at companies where they can grow, connect with coworkers, and help their communities. Accordingly, provides a variety of initiatives aimed at professional development, team building, and community service.

We recognize that by providing the best possible work experience for employees, we are not only able to retain our outstanding workforce – we're able to recruit the best talent in the industry as we continue to expand.

We're Celebrated!

  • #11 Best Workplace in all of Asia 2022 by Great Place to Work

  • Brand Experience Awards by Retail Touchpoints for Last Mile & Fulfillment Experience

  • STEVIE® Awards 2022 Winner for Company of the Year - Automotive & Transport Equip.

  • STEVIE® Awards 2021 Gold Medal Winner for Achievement in Organization Recovery & Finance

    named one of
    Los Angeles Business Journal's Best Places to Work in LA three years in a row!
    Los Angeles Business Journal Best Places to Work 2022
  • 2022 Stevie Winner American Business Awards
  • Best Workplaces Asia 2022
  • Best Workplaces Medium 2022
  • Brand Experience Awards
  • 2021 Stevie Winner American Business Awards
  • Great Place To Work
  • Globee Awards
  • Big Awards for Business 2020
Bettering Our Planet

Bettering Our Planet is a technology-driven eCommerce company, and we are committed to understanding our role in environmental stewardship. For 20 years, we have focused on streamlining our efforts to build a seamless factory-to-consumer online shopping experience. Our business model relies on extending the life cycle of automobiles and translates into measurable environmental savings.

We acknowledge the risks of climate change and therefore expect all employees to use electricity efficiently, recycle, and create a culture of environmental awareness throughout our operational facilities and offices. Additionally, we are implementing changes and tracking data to identify opportunities for protecting the environment.

Reducing Waste is committed to reducing waste. Our robust recycling programs enable us to mitigate our impact on the environment.

All six of our Distribution Centers recycle corrugated cardboard, and our recycling programs are growing steadily across the board. In all of 2021, we recycled 133,572 pounds of metal. In 2022, we had already recycled 134,548 pounds of metal as of July. We do not discard any metal. 100% of unused metal is recycled.

We do not use peanuts for "void fill," which is material used to cushion products during shipment. Instead, we use recyclable air pillows and shredded cardboard to ensure products reach their destination in excellent condition. The shredded cardboard is made using excess material from our Box On Demand system.

We have initiatives in place to empower team members to suggest more eco-friendly options in their workflows. We have successfully driven active participation by rewarding people at all levels in our Distribution Centers who provide ideas for improvement.

Ethics & Governance

Ethics & Governance

Our Policies

  • Code of Ethics We are committed to the highest standards of legal and ethical business conduct, and seek to foster an environment of awareness where the prompt reporting of any unethical or illegal behavior, or any violations of our corporate policies is encouraged and dealt with fairly.
  • Human Rights Policy We align our business practices with the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights principles. We continue to improve our approach to human rights and actively engage with stakeholders at all levels of the organization to adhere to and uphold the guidelines set forth within it.
  • Labor Rights Policy is an equal opportunity employer. Our responsibility is to ensure fairness, including equal hiring, promotion, training, compensation, termination, and corrective activities among all employees and potential employees.
  • Vendor Code of Conduct and its subsidiaries strive to achieve and maintain high standards of corporate integrity and ethical behavior. We encourage our vendors to follow the same workforce guidelines that we have outlined for our employees.
  • Anti-Discrimination Code As part of an ongoing program to ensure is a safe, welcoming place for everyone, all team members are required to take courses on both harassment and discrimination. We are dedicated to creating a space where people feel comfortable coming forward with any concerns for themselves or their colleagues.
  • Political Involvement Policy We are committed to disclosing political donations and lobbying expenditures. Employees are free to participate in political activities, but must do so as individuals and not during paid work hours.
  • Whistleblower Policy We have a responsibility for implementing procedures that are intended to detect, to prevent or deter improper and unlawful activities. We also have a responsibility to investigate and report to appropriate parties allegations of suspected improper activities, and to protect those employees who, in good faith, report these activities to the appropriate authority.
  • Environmental Policy We are dedicated to limiting our impact on the environment, and have many programs in place to reduce this even further. We are always seeking new ways to make our production and delivery processes more efficient.
  • Data Privacy Policy In the ever-changing eCommerce industry, we're committed to protecting our visitors' privacy under generally accepted data protection standards. We know customers trust us with their information, and we take that responsibility seriously. Answers BE PART OF OUR COMMUNITY: Share your knowledge & help fellow drivers Join Now
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