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Bumper Cover vs. Bumper: What’s the Difference?

Most people who don't know much about vehicles would probably find it confusing when they encounter the term, "bumper cover." Is that different from a bumper? What is it used for?

It can be hard for people to differentiate between bumpers versus bumper covers. However, not knowing the difference can lead you to purchase the wrong part-so once and for all, let's clear up the confusion by covering the nuances between these two vehicle components.

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Aside from adding style, a bumper cover can also enhance your vehicle’s safety and performance. It bears the brunt of damages during head-on collisions to protect your actual bumper and engine components, and it's modeled for better aerodynamics that can improve your fuel efficiency.

If you've been driving around with a damaged bumper cover, now's the time for a replacement so you can look forward to hassle-free journeys.