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CLASSIC CARS What Makes Some Cars Special?

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Some great looking American cars


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Human beings have an affinity for beautiful things and so practical matters ultimately make way for the visually and sensually appealing. Clothing evolved into fashion, food into gourmet fare and the basic black horseless carriage into a myriad of models presented in a vast array of shapes, sizes and capabilities, and in a huge pallet of colors.

This section of focuses on automotive design as a visual art that aspires to create machines that are valued as much for their looks and personalities as for their usefulness as people movers.

The Automobile as Art

Check out Tom Strongman's new book, "Wheels of Dreams" Vintage Cars and the People Who Love Them

Not only is this collection of beautifully-illustrated true stories perfect for car lovers, it is charming enough to captivate even the reader who never before understood the mystique of vintage automobiles.

The 1950's and 60's were the renaissance years for the American car. Automobilemanufacturers found styling to be a big selling tool in these booming post-war years andchanged the looks of their cars every year (not always for the best). The following twosections will explore some of the more notable styling attempts. Some are beautiful evenby today's standards, some are grotesque by any standards. New cars will be added as Ifind good pictures.

What makes a car stand out from the crowd? What gives a car character? A personality?

There are just as many different  opinions as there arecar lovers.

We would like to hear your opinion as to which cars igniteyour soul, old or new. We will list some of them in "Readers favorites." 

Mine are listed under "Some great looking Americancars."


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