How to Spruce Up Your Ride This Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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On Black Friday, you could waste time wrestling with throngs of aggressive shoppers at the mall. Or you could order car parts and accessories on CarParts.com, while kicking back in your favorite chair. Which option are you going to choose?

As car enthusiasts, we know we would pick parts over a new shirt, new tie—or whatever it is you buy at the mall—any day. With that in mind, we’ve lined up some great deals on a wide variety of auto parts and accessories for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And we’re more than happy to share a rundown of them with you to save you some legwork.

Take advantage of discounted parts and accessories on CarParts.com this Black Friday and Cyber Monday to freshen up your vehicle’s appearance.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals to Make Your Car Look Great

Want to improve the appearance of your car this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but don’t know what to buy? Here are a few suggestions.

1. Exterior Mirrors

Maybe you were parked alongside the road, minding your own business, when a vehicle whizzed by and ripped off your car’s side mirror. Or, perhaps an encounter with a brick wall is to blame for your mirror’s demise.

Regardless, almost nothing looks worse than a mirror that’s either dangling down or missing altogether. But don’t worry: OE-style Kool Vue mirrors will be on sale this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So, you can get a replacement mirror without breaking the bank.

2. Dash Covers

Is your dash cover cracked and ugly-looking from years of sun exposure? Now’s the time to fix that eyesore. Dash covers from Replacement will be on sale this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Each high-quality cover is designed to fit your car perfectly, restoring the dash to like-new condition.

Dash covers from Replacement will be on sale this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Take advantage of the deal to upgrade your car’s interior!

3. Bumpers, Fenders, and Grilles

Bumpers, fenders, and grilles—oh my! Look, we don’t need to tell you how ugly that dented body panel is. You know it’s hideous. And it probably annoys you every time you look at your car.

Here’s a novel idea: Replace that busted body part this Black Friday or Cyber Monday. You’ll save money and return your car to its former glory. Feel free to peruse Replacement’s direct-fit bumpers, fenders, and grilles—they’ll be on sale!

4. Exterior Lights

If your car is older, the exterior lights probably need some TLC. Chances are, after years of service, the lenses are cloudy, yellow, broken—or all of the above.

But there’s good news: Exterior lighting assemblies are usually easy to replace. Plus, this shopping season, StyleLine lights are on sale. That means you can pop in some new lights while also saving money.

5. Off-Road Bumpers and Grille Guards

Bolting on an off-road bumper or grille guard is an easy way to help your truck or SUV stand out. While you’re at it, you might want to grab a set of nerf bars, as well. Custom touches, such as these, make all the difference in your vehicle’s appearance.

Are you ready to upgrade your rig? Then check out the ultra-tough bumpers, grille guards, and nerf bars from N-Dure. Most of the product line will be on sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Bolting on an off-road bumper or grille guard is an easy way to help your truck or SUV stand out.

6. Exhaust Components

Okay, you’re probably thinking: What do exhaust components have to do with my car’s appearance? Well, nothing, really (unless you’re thinking of exhaust tips). But worn-out or damaged exhaust parts can affect the way your vehicle performs and sounds.

That’s why, if you’re having issues, you’ll want to check out Evan Fischer catalytic converters, mufflers, and tailpipes. Many of the company’s products will be on sale on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So, you know, we’re just throwing that information out there.

Still undecided?

If you’re still undecided, visit CarParts.com and peruse our expansive inventory. You’re sure to find auto parts and accessories you can’t live without.

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