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Whether you’re a kid, an adult, an everyday driver, or an everyday dreamer—or all of the above—you’ve probably had big ideas about your dream car.

What it would look like. How it would feel to drive it.

When it comes to imagining such a wondrous thing, the possibilities are endless. As we “grow up,” though, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, and to let make-believe time drop to the bottom of our to-do lists.

But with everything that’s going on in the world, we’re reminded of how important it is to continue to dream and to take stock of what matters most—health, happiness, and quality time with our loved ones.

That’s why we’re running the Auto Crafts Sweepstakes. Every week, we’re issuing fun challenges and at-home project ideas with an automotive twist to keep kids entertained, parents sane, and families engaged. Those who enter our weekly challenges can get the chance to win a one-year subscription to Disney+ or Hulu, along with a 10% off coupon for orders of $100 or more on—a prize package with something for everyone in the family!

Challenge #1 – Draw It. Paint It. Build It. Share It!

For this first week, the team at invites you all to take the Create Your Dream Car Challenge, and encourages families at home to take this opportunity to imagine, interact, and inspire each other in bringing their dream cars to life. We welcome you to create yours in whatever medium you like—drawings, paintings, builds, you name it! To enter this week’s sweepstakes, share your dream car creations and stories on Instagram, tag @CarPartsCom and #DrivingMemories in your post caption, and fill out the form here to complete your entry. Entries will be accepted online from March 25, 2020 at 12:00 AM PST to April 5, 2020 at 11:59 PM PST.

Over the past few weeks, we invited our employees and members of the community to have a dream car drawing day with their families. We’re excited to share their designs and stories with you now.

Jodane Christine Obiles | 17 years old

Dream car drawing by Jodane

“I always had that dream of being a great, renowned artist. I loved to paint. Today, I still strive to make artworks with my allowance so I can improve for the future, even if I’m going to take a different route in my profession. When I finish my studies and earn enough money, I plan to travel the world, so I thought my dream car could be used for transportation, whether by air, road, or sea. Also, it would be comfy and could be used like a little house complete with appliances to avoid expensive accommodations, and it would have enough space where I could paint and stargaze. I used Vincent van Gogh’s painting, The Starry Night, as a design because it’s one of my favorite artworks of his. It gives me a feeling of peace and expresses an indefinable emotion.”

Edwin D. | 8 years old

Dream car drawing by Edwin

Edwin loves to be artistic and to expand his creativity. Currently, he enjoys getting to know the Super Mario characters, which is why he chose to draw his rendition of a “Gooigi Mobile,” inspired by “Luigi’s Mansion 3.” Equipped with a vacuum and a “ghost-like” green color scheme, he is proud to share this drawing.

Edwin holding his dream car drawing

Crystal D. | 9 years old

Dream car drawing by Crystal

Crystal is shy yet she is smart, and she likes to be physically active and to help her family. She loves 4-wheeling in her dad’s Jeep, but ultimately came up with her dream car based on “Calico Critters,” and how they zip around town in their miniature cars. Equipped with smooth countered body lines, critter ears and tail, and off-road tires, her drawing puts together the concept of all her enthusiasm for vehicles.

Crystal holding her dream car drawings

Joseph | 34 years old

Dream car drawings by Joseph

“I love car designing, especially race cars. When I was in high school, I watched Formula One racing for the first time and was amazed by how the cars were designed. So, I tried to design my own, which took me years of practicing at sketching. When I nearly perfected that, I also tried to design other race cars, from GT, GT Pro, and Le Mans to futuristic race cars. I know that my designs are not perfect, and mostly conceptualized. I stopped designing since then. But with this project, I was motivated to design again because this is really what I want—not just my hobby, but my passion.”


Dream car drawing by Birdman

“I picked the Countach because I had a book called Super Cars and I was looking for an old project to draw for you. I saw this one so I read about it and I wanted to draw it. I did not use the original paint job. The Gulf livery I put on instead gave the car so much color and made it pop and look good. I love the Gulf livery colors because I love baby blue and orange. Baby blue is my second favorite color.”

Birdman holding his dream car drawing

Liv | 9 1/2 years old

Dream car drawing by Liv

“I decided to make my car called Quadruple More Fun because it has four wheels and four rows with two back seat rows, a dog seat, and a front seat for the driver.

In the very back, people can control their own air conditioning and their own music and get as much candy and ice cream as they want. You can also get the newest iPhones for free in every seat—you just have to touch a button and you’ll get them straight away.

The middle row is almost the same except you get the newest AirPods.

The front seat is a party every day with a disco ball and the newest iPhones and AirPods.

The puppy seat has treats and a nice cushion. You can buckle the puppy in if they want, and there’s plenty of space for them to play.

The wheels are the biggest on Earth. They have a band around all of them together so they all roll together at the same time.

You can also go on top of the car which is also called the car balcony. There are luxurious seats where you can sit back and relax with the perfect view and you can have your meals up there.

There’s also a swimming pool connected to the patio which is covered with crystal clear water with a lot of different kinds of fishies and one shark named Billy Bob.

There’s also a guinea pig compartment between the front seat and back rows.”

Ruby | 7 1/2 years old

Dream car drawing by Ruby

“My dream car is called the Super Fun Carnival Car. I chose that name because it has a lot of fun things, like on top of the front window, it has a little fan that is red and white. In the front, it says, ‘Hollywood.’

In the front seat, there is a little bit of a color swap. It is purple and green. Those are the colors of the seat. In the back, it has three seats. In front of every seat, there’s an iPad, and you can download whatever you want on it and you can also play those games. There is a little candy box with all the candies you can ever imagine. Just press a button and a phone comes out. You put whatever candy you want in the phone and then when you press “enter,” it will magically appear in the box. You can eat any candy you’ve ever imagined, like saltwater taffy.

In the back, it has a small doggie seat. You can put your little dog, like a baby Yorkie, and in the seat, there is a button, and whatever the dog thinks it magically appear in its paws. It can play all it wants.

The tires are very big and wide and they are different colors. The different colors are purple and green. The car is the color blue. And on the outside, it has red outlines.

And in the back middle seat, you can play UNO because when you come in, the middle seat has the UNO game. And in the trunk, you can climb in and eat all the food you’ve ever wanted. Just press a red button and an iPad appears, and whatever you put in it, it will magically appear in front of you.

In the window seats, there is a candy bar that has Jolly Ranchers. When you open the door, and you take the Jolly Ranchers off, whatever number you say is how many Jolly Ranchers you get again.”

Ruby & Liv drawing their dream cars

Milana Peker | 8 years old

Dream car drawing by Milana

The inspiration for Milana’s piece: “Imagination.”

Nathan Peker | 11 years old

Dream car drawing by Nathan

The inspiration for Nate’s piece: “Lamborghinis.”

Follow Nate on Instagram: @PTVPekers

Seraphine | 4 years old

Dream car drawing #1 by Seraphine

Seraphine’s first concept was inspired by Christmas trains that can drive fast and never get crushed.

Dream car drawing #2 by Seraphine

Her second was inspired by an airplane and a bullet. It’s fast and can drive or fly.

The Nace Family

Dream car drawing by the Nace Family

“As a working mother, I should say that despite working away from home and my family, I am still grateful to have them in my life. It isn’t easy, and I know all moms could relate to how it feels being away from your loved ones, but with God’s grace and guidance, everything seems to work into place. Being a mother who works to provide for her family instead of staying at home is never a burden to me. Besides, it’s where I get all the strength and courage to do my best and be able to provide their needs with the help of my husband.

How we collaborated with this dream car was via video call and family group chat. My second son who is in the 9th grade is gifted with the skill of sketching. I requested that he make this entry for us. Likewise, I encouraged him to share his thoughts about his dream car. My husband and I share a similar vision, as we’ve also dreamt of having a family car so we could travel together rather than commuting.

Here’s what my son said about his dream car:

‘We probably at some point dissect thoughts about our dream cars. Absolutely, people differ in taste and style preferences for their desired car. Sometimes we start to imagine sceneries, moments of what it’ll be like to drive one. That case also applies for us.

Ever since I was a kid, I had a whim for ‘whip cars,’ but we only ever had the ones for kids—toy cars. Now that I am in my teenage years, I’ve seen unique cars that amaze me. But there are cars that have a special place in my heart—retro and classic cars. These are the apple of my eye, appealing enough for me. Appearance isn’t the only reason why I love them. The vibe they give just brings me back to the good old years—driving them would be like time traveling backwards.

When it comes to my dream car, I also have standards to factor out. First, I want it to have enough seats for my family, and some companions are always good. Next is that it’s comfortable enough for long drives. And the last one is just my own conclusion—it’ll be so much better if it can be Earth-friendly, giving out zero pollution. Imagine if every car had this, driving down the road with open windows, breathing and feeling a clean breeze.

Dreaming a car isn’t bad—what’s worse is keeping it a dream. Work for it, strive endlessly. Eventually, one day, you’re on the road driving that dream car of yours.’

As their Mom, I usually remind my kids that you can have whatever your heart desires with the right attitude. As long as you never stop persevering and working for it, then your dream will definitely come true.”

The Nace Family

Feeling inspired? Go ahead and have a dream car crafts day with your family, too! Share your creations and stories on IG, and don’t forget to follow and tag @CarPartsCom and #DrivingMemories.

Happy drawing!

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