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In this episode of the In the Garage Podcast "On the Road" Edition, interviews Jeremy from MAHLE at the AAPEX trade show, discussing the importance of cabin air filters. Join us as we discuss air quality, allergen control, and simple DIY replacement, highlighting how these filters contribute to better health and a fresh cabin environment. They also touch on the impact of particulate matter on health and explore the different types of cabin air filters available.

CARPARTS.COM Podcast Episode Thumbnails 5
CARPARTS.COM Podcast Episode Thumbnails 5

Episode Highlights

  • Importance of cabin air filters in vehicles
  • Explanation of cabin air filter function in cleaning air inside the vehicle
  • Benefits of clean cabin air filters
  • Discussion of the impact of particulate matter on health
  • Different types of cabin air filters available
  • Encouragement for DIY cabin air filter replacement and its simplicity
  • Tips on finding the cabin air filter location in a vehicle
  • How MAHLE has expertise in filtration and produces high-quality cabin air filters



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