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In this episode of the “In The Garage Automotive Podcast,” master-modder Emanuel “Mano” Agulian discussing modifying and customizing European import cars. They discuss Mano’s background and approach to car building, automotive trends, tips for DIYers, and the importance of keeping custom fabrication accessible. He focuses on customer service and building relationships in addition to quality craftsmanship. He also emphasizes starting with the basics when learning how to work on cars yourself.

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Episode Highlights

  • Mano started building and modifying cars at a young age, learning metal fabrication skills from Armenian immigrants in Los Angeles. He focuses on European imports like BMW 2002s.
  • Building a car to be driveable, versatile, and durable takes trial and error over many projects. Simplicity in the drivetrain makes the cars easier to maintain.
  • SEMA 2023 trends have gone from OEMs showcasing concept cars, to individuals with wild builds, to perfect restorations of vintage American cars, but small vendors with new tech are still there.
  • Beginner DIY projects like lowering suspension or upgrading wheels teach skills and build confidence. Following factory wiring colors and using widely available parts ensures any mechanic can service the car.
  • Custom one-off builds require an ongoing relationship with the builder for maintenance. Ask builders how they design for serviceability before starting a project.
  • Hands-on car building trades are dying off, but still offer careers for people not suited to academic paths. Building cars can also provide purpose and instill self-confidence.



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