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Bad Cooling Fan Relay Symptoms

Most vehicles rely on a liquid-cooled cooling system to regulate their engine temperature. A mixture of water and antifreeze flows through channels and absorbs the heat produced by the engine....Read more


How to Replace a Faulty A/C Condenser

When your air conditioning isn't working right, things get pretty heated. Okay, it was corny, but we had to make light of the situation - mainly because we understand that...Read more


Bad A/C Condenser Symptoms

Many drivers simply can't live without air conditioning, especially on a hot summer day. If you’re one of those drivers, then having a busted A/C probably sounds like the worst...Read more


How to Diagnose a Bad A/C Condenser

Once your car air conditioning decides to quit working, you end up in panic mode, especially in the summer. After all, who wants to arrive at work drenched in sweat?...Read more


7 Reasons Why Your Car AC Unit Isn’t Keeping You Cool this Summer

One of the best things about summer is that the weather is perfect for road trips, be it with family or friends. It’s a totally different story though when extreme...Read more


Automotive Air Conditioning Systems

Today, as we drive our automobiles, a great many of us, can enjoy the same comfort levels that we are accustomed to at home and at work. With the push...Read more


Fluid Leaks 101

Do you have a fluid leak under your car or truck? Here’s a simple way to be your own private investigator. If you’re not sure whether you are losing oil,...Read more

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