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Cheapest Cars to Maintain: A Professional’s Opinion

If you type the phrase “cheapest cars to maintain” into Google, you’re bound to get a variety of answers from different websites. Many (if not all) of these sources build...Read more


Honda, Acura Recall 140,000 Vehicles Due to Bad Fuel Pumps

A total of 136,057 vehicles are being recalled from the Honda and Acura lineup in the United States due to reports concerning fuel pump problems. Globally, the defect affects about...Read more


Acura Drops the Ax on RLX

Sedans will always have a special place in the hearts of car enthusiasts.. This is evidenced by the steady popularity of the Toyota Camrys and Corollas, the Honda Civics and...Read more


Acura to Showcase New Type S Concept at Monterey Car Week

The Monterey Car Week in California is just around the corner and all eyes are peeled on the public debut of Bugatti's one-off tribute to the EB110 SS and the...Read more


Acura MDX Road Test

And another one joins the fray. Acura has introduced the MDX, a luxury sport utility vehicle that has been designed from the ground up by Acura to be class-leading in...Read more


2007 Acura TL Type-S Road Test

From sparkling throttle response to superb steering feel, the Acura TL Type-S is a thoroughbred. Our test car looked and felt like a black stallion ready to respond to our...Read more


2005 Acura RL Road Test

The folks at Acura have come up with an all-new flagship sedan that defies expectations and sets its RL on an entirely different course from the sedate last-generation RL. What...Read more

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