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How to Replace Inner Fender Liner

Inner fender liners protect the wheel well and vehicle body from rust and other forms of damage. They are usually made of thermoplastic or other non-corrosive, flexible, and durable materials....Read more


What is a Corner Light?

We all know the importance of the lights on our vehicles. Aside from aiding in road visibility, some of these lights also serve as signals to communicate with other motorists...Read more


12 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Don’t know what to get your loved one this year? Nothing says, “I love you,” like going out of your way to fix up their car. While the holidays can...Read more


How to Curb the Depreciation of Your Car

There’s a saying that “when you drive your car off the lot, it depreciates by 10%.” This is even if you have the latest model with all the options equipped....Read more

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