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5 Signs of a Bad Starter

When a car doesn't start, many people assume that the starter motor is to blame. After all, the component has the term "start" right in its name. But in reality,...Read more


Why Won’t My Car Start?

It never fails—when your car refuses to start, it happens at the most inopportune time. It’s always when, say, you’re running late for a critical doctor’s appointment or a big...Read more


What Happens When the Starter Solenoid Goes Bad?

Is your engine slow to crank or, worse, not cranking at all? If your battery is fully charged and is in tip-top shape yet the problem persists, then you might...Read more


The Starting System

The "starting system", the heart of the electrical system in your car, begins with the Battery. The key is inserted into the Ignition Switch and then turned to the start...Read more

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