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Essential Underhood Maintenance Tips from Our Chief Mechanic

In the past, cars required constant adjustments to mechanical bits, such as carburetors and ignition points. Thankfully, today’s vehicles are governed by computers and other electronics—and that means far less...Read more


Car Care Month & COVID-19: Prep Your Vehicle for Emergencies

April is National Car Care Month—and it’s less than two weeks away. Now, with the exception of our brave health workers and other frontliners who are working hard to fight...Read more


When to Replace the Timing Chain on Your Vehicle

Your car’s engine contains many components, one of which is either a timing belt or a timing chain. Although the timing chain doesn’t get as much attention as some other...Read more


Car Maintenance Tips for Spring

The chill of winter is finally wearing off and spring is just around the corner. That means rebirth and rejuvenation for not only nature but your vehicle, as well. Although...Read more


I have a leased car – all I’m interested in is keeping my costs to a minimum when turning it back in.

Assuming your lease is for 3 years or less. Under hood checks Once a month. New vehicles require less attention and most problems are covered by the warrantee, BUT if...Read more


Common Questions Asked by Motorists

Q: Every once in a while I can hear a squeak or metal grinding noise coming out of the front wheels. It happens mostly at low speeds while turning. When...Read more


Understanding Your Car

In this section, we will help you understand how your car works. We assume that you know nothing about how a car works and provide clear, understandable explanations of the...Read more


I Want to Keep My Car for as Long as Possible and I Want It to Look and Run Great

Under hood checks Once a week or when refueling. Oil change Every 3000 miles with oil filter Washing Once a week Hand washing is best, but if you must use...Read more


Underhood Checks

Back to Car Care Do you know your way around under the hood of your car? While not as critical as it used to be, checking under the hood periodically...Read more


Timing belt

Certain engines with overhead camshafts have timing belts that have a limited lifespan. Car makers use these belts instead of more durable chains because chains are noisier and cost more...Read more


CAR CARE — What Must I Do to Take Care Of My Car?

What does your car mean to you? How you view your car may determine how well you tend to treat it. If you see it as a mere conveyance, you...Read more