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What is a Corner Light?

We all know the importance of the lights on our vehicles. Aside from aiding in road visibility, some of these lights also serve as signals to communicate with other motorists...Read more


Turn Signal Switch Problems

Once upon a time, drivers relied on hand signals to notify other people on the road of their intention to stop or turn their vehicles in a certain direction. While...Read more


Car Care Month & COVID-19: Prep Your Vehicle for Emergencies

April is National Car Care Month—and it’s less than two weeks away. Now, with the exception of our brave health workers and other frontliners who are working hard to fight...Read more


What to Do if Your Car Gets Flooded

One of the most exasperating causes of car damage is a flood, especially if the floodwater reaches the engine. Floods can rise overnight and leave cars parked on the streets...Read more


Maintenance You Should Perform on Your Vehicle to Increase Its Resale or Trade-In Value

With Labor Day weekend fast approaching, now is the perfect time to start thinking about selling or trading in your current vehicle and purchasing a new one. The end of...Read more


10 Essentials: The Pre-Road-Trip Car Maintenance Checklist

Memorial Day weekend’s coming up, and we hope you’re just as thrilled as us for the opportunity to go on a road trip. (LA to Cayucos for this writer! Where...Read more

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