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Revive the Luster of Your Car’s Paint

Memorial Day weekend comes every year with a myriad of offers from car dealerships nationwide. But if you're still in the middle of your lease or can't get yourself in...Read more


20 Ways to Beat Old Man Winter

Many believe spring and summer are the best times to wash and wax our cars, which is true for us, but not necessarily our cars. The season that destroys cars...Read more


Waxing 101

Regular waxing will keep a car looking new for many years. A ten-year-old car that has been waxed twice a year will probably have a better shine then when it...Read more


I Want to Keep My Car for as Long as Possible and I Want It to Look and Run Great

Under hood checks Once a week or when refueling. Oil change Every 3000 miles with oil filter Washing Once a week Hand washing is best, but if you must use...Read more

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