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OBD-II Trouble Codes

C0040 Code: Right Front Wheel Speed Circuit Malfunction

Modern vehicles come with an enhanced braking system called the anti-lock braking system (ABS). This system uses sensors to warn the powertrain control module (PCM) of a panic stop situation....Read more


Wheel Bearing Noise: Do You Have a Bad Wheel Bearing?

You’re driving along on a warm, sunny day listening to your favorite song. Life is good. But when you turn down the radio, you hear an unusual noise that coincides...Read more


How to Replace a Brake Disc

Changing a set of brake discs is usually one of the easier automotive repairs. Many people attempt a brake job shortly after learning how to perform other basic tasks, such...Read more


How to Replace a Wheel Hub

Wheel hub assembly replacement is easy—at least, that's what YouTube leads you to believe. But the job doesn't always go smoothly in the real world, and I can personally attest...Read more


How to Diagnose a Faulty Wheel Hub

A lot of other car problems can mimic a faulty wheel hub assembly. So, before you dive into any repairs, you'll want to diagnose the problem thoroughly. On some vehicles,...Read more


Common Wheel Hub Symptoms

Nothing's better than listening to your favorite song while cruising down the road. But if you have the tunes cranked full blast, as I often do, you may not hear...Read more

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