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  • Nissan recalled 807,376 Nissan Sentra units in the United States because of defective brake lights that don’t illuminate.
  • Contaminated grease might have caused oxidation and silicon dioxide build-up in the brake light circuit.
  • Nissan issued a protective grommet and advised customers to bring their vehicles to the local dealer.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has ordered Nissan to recall 807,376 units of the Sentra sedan in the United States due to defective brake lights. Upon investigation, it was discovered that there have been instances where the vehicle’s brake light did not illuminate even after the driver steps on the brake pedal.

The malfunctioning signal is essential for other drivers on the road because it lets them know whether the car ahead is slowing down. Without a properly functioning brake light, the risk of a crash increases.

Based on filed documents, the problem may have been caused by a contamination of the silicon-based grease used in the surrounding components. There may have been oxidation in the area as well as a build-up of silicon dioxide, causing problems with the circuit and eventually leading to issues with brake light illumination.

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Nissan expects to have replacement parts by fall this year.

Nissan, however, clarified that the problem is isolated to Sentra sedans built for the 2016-2019 model years and that it does not affect any of the brand’s other models. Moreover, the automaker expects to have replacement parts by fall this year.

In the meantime, Nissan will issue a protective grommet to owners of the affected vehicles.

Customers are advised to bring their vehicles to a local dealer while also keeping their eyes peeled for another service appointment when the proper fix arrives later this year.

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