Lauren Fix

Automotive Expert

A highly credible automotive and lifestyle expert, Lauren Fix provides solid information on safety, and a wide range of automotive topics and issues. Her motivational speeches as the Carma Coach will help you find the vehicle that gets you where you want to go.

Articles by Lauren Fix


It’s Easy to Remember Tire Maintenance

Admit it. You find it hard to care about your tires. Even with all the recent headlines, you still don't check your tires air pressure. You don't take the time...Read more


Hurricane sufferers victimized by illegal car selling scam

Hurricane sufferers of Katrina and Rita who have already been displaced from their homes and lives, are now being further victimized by swindlers who are looking to take advantage of...Read more


How to Get Comfortable When Buying a Second Hand Hybrid

I'm encouraging consumers to go hybrid! As hybrid vehicles have been on the market since model year 2000, buying a used one has become a viable alternative for those who...Read more


Driving While Pregnant: Helpful Tips for Moms-to-Be

With all of the excitement surrounding moms-to-be, transportation is the least of their worries. However, driving while pregnant can be a very uncomfortable situation. I'm a mother of two and...Read more


The Weather Outside Is Frightful: Extreme Winter Driving Tips

Here are a few driving tips to prepare drivers for the winter weather conditions on the road ahead. As old man winter sets in, the roads can become a treacherous...Read more


DRIVING—Want To Be a Better Driver?

Picture This. You're late and heavy traffic, inconsiderate drivers and poor road conditions are conspiring to make you later. That's stress. Now visualize a clear day without deadlines, just the...Read more


Fluid Leaks 101

Do you have a fluid leak under your car or truck? Here’s a simple way to be your own private investigator. If you’re not sure whether you are losing oil,...Read more

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