DRIVING—Want To Be a Better Driver?

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Picture This. You’re late and heavy traffic, inconsiderate drivers and poor road conditions are conspiring to make you later. That’s stress. Now visualize a clear day without deadlines, just the purr of your engine and an open road ahead. That’s freedom.

Being on the road subjects you to ever-changing circumstances, but if you are a good driver, you will never let the frustration, the boredom or even the exhilaration of a particular driving session distract you from the task of maintaining full control of your vehicle.

Driving Tips

Safer Winter Driving: Here are a few driving tips to prepare drivers for the winter weather conditions on the road ahead. By Lauren Fix, the Car Coach

Driving While Pregnant: I’m a mother of two and have been in this position before.Here are tips to new and expectant mothers for safe and comfortable car Lauren Fix, the Car Coach

Are You Up To the Rental Car Challenge?: Ever jump into a rental car and have a problem finding the controls you need to drive off? You are not alone.

Asleep At The Wheel: Tips that can help you stay awake and alert on those long, boring drives.

National Traffic and Road Closure Information: A state-by-state compendium, compiled by the highway departments of each state, showing current information relating to construction delays, road closures, etc.

Understanding the teen driver: What parents can do.

Does your teen know what to do in the event of a car crash? Do you?

Run-Flat tires come of age: We take a look at the new Michelin PAX System

Ten Ways to Save on Gas: Here is some help for getting through these troubling times

Is your first reaction to an emergency situation to slam on the brakes?

Understanding your dashboard gauges

Parking lot safety

Mommy, are we there yet?: Do your kids turn into backseat tyrants during long family road trips? Here are some useful ideas to keep kids quietly occupied

Water Hazards: Some tips on driving during heavy rain

Highway Humor


Driving Issues

Safety Alerts

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