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  • Turning your ride into your favorite iconic car is possible with the right parts and accessories.
  • The pink Corvette featured in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie film has a toy-like sheen that can be achieved with the right wax. Other ways to get that Barbie look include getting a hot pink license plate frame and bumper D-rings.
  • There have been many Batmobiles over the decades, some sleek, some rugged — but all of them black. Getting accessories and tools, like spoilers, license plate covers, wax, and seat covers, in the same dark hue can help you achieve similar looks.

Are you a hardcore Barbie lover (with a near-complete doll collection and Blu-Ray copies of the animated movies) or a new fan thanks to Margot Robbie’s legendary portrayal?

Is Batman your all-time favorite superhero (proudly up-to-date with all the shows, movies, and games), or are you a recent recruit, thanks to the newest Dark Knight to hit Gotham City?

Whether you’re a Barbie or Batman buff, one thing’s for sure: you have an eye for style.

These pop culture titans have one thing in common: iconic style — especially in their choice of ride. Barbie’s eye-popping pink Corvette and the dark and edgy Batmobile are polar opposites on the design spectrum, but you can’t deny that they’d made their mark in car culture.

And the great news is that you can capture the spirit of these automotive icons without building your own replica. Get parts and accessories that embody Barbie’s car and the Batmobile for your ride. Most importantly, make sure you hit the right color scheme.

For Barbie Buffs: Be Pretty in Pink

chevrolet corvette replica from barbie 2023 imcdb
The car’s most head-turning feature is its gorgeous pink body that’s coupled with white accents. Image credit:

When you think Barbie, pink always comes to mind. From sweet pastel to popping fuschia, the iconic doll is seldom without her signature hue.

Surprisingly, the color scheme works surprisingly well on vehicles, evident in the pink convertible Corvette used in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie (2023).

The car’s most head-turning feature is its gorgeous pink body that’s coupled with white accents. The fact that it’s a convertible also makes the vehicle look fun and adventurous, not to mention stylish.

There’s no denying that there’s something inherently charming about coloring heavy-duty metal parts pink. It’s a clever deviation from the norm, turning a metal machine into something that looks plastic and doll-like without sacrificing performance and practicality.

Must-Have Items to Achieve the Barbie Car Look

You don’t need to have a pink convertible to get that fashion icon aesthetic. Parts in stylish pink are a great start. Here are some must-have items to help you personalize your vehicle in a way that would make Barbie proud.

Weathertech® 8ALPCC3 License Plate Frame

The Weathertech® 8ALPCC3 License Plate Frame might be a simple accessory, but it goes an incredibly long way in evoking that pink Barbie aesthetic.

This frame will keep your license plate covered and protected in style. It’s in a pretty pink color — one that will accentuate the white on your license plate. All in all, it’s an accessory that’ll let your ride unleash its inner girly pop.

Rugged Ridge® 11235.09 Bumper D-Ring

To give your vehicle a little more color on top of practicality, it’s a good idea to invest in D-rings. Although these rings are often used for heavy-duty purposes like anchoring the straps used in towing, there’s no rule saying they have to be rugged.

The Rugged Ridge® 11235.09 Bumper D-Ring comes in a vibrant hot pink color that makes your vehicle infinitely more difficult to ignore. It’s made of ultra-strong zinc-coated steel, so you can rely on it for heavy-duty towing.

Get your ride towed in style with these head-turning bumper D-rings.

Chemical Guys® WAC20616 Slick Finish Cleaner Wax (16 Fl. Oz.)

To really make the colors of your vehicle pop, why not invest in some quality wax that’ll make your ride shine?

The Chemical Guys® WAC20616 Slick Finish Cleaner Wax is an excellent choice, offering a protective polish that removes swirls, stains, and imperfections. It’s the perfect wax for drivers keen on getting that tasteful toy-like appearance, especially if your vehicle is already pink.

For Diehard Batman Fans: Be Bold in Black

1966 lincoln futura batmobile from imcdb
Numerous versions of the iconic car have rolled out since then, each with cutting-edge tech and design upgrades. Image credit:

If the cute, eye-catching pink aesthetic of the Barb-mobile doesn’t do it for you, the iconic dark-as-night Batmobile might be more up your alley.

Batman has been roaming Gotham City with the Batmobile since the early 1940s. Numerous versions of the iconic car have rolled out since then, each with cutting-edge tech and design upgrades. Despite that, every model has features that make it undeniably the Dark Knight’s.

For example, the Batmobile in the Dark Knight trilogy is a rugged and practical vehicle covered from top to bottom in armor. It’s outfitted with gadgets, tools, and weapons that make it the perfect choice for barreling down the streets of Gotham.

On the other hand, the Batmobile during Michael Keaton’s run as Batman is an over-the-top, sleek sports car that’s built for speed. With fins and a smooth, curved body, it’s vastly different from the more militaristic tank of a vehicle featured in Christian Bale’s run.

Despite their aesthetic differences, all Batmobiles have one thing in common: the color black.

Must-Have Items for a Batmobile-Inspired Look

If you’re on the prowl for accessories that’ll make your ride look and feel like the Batmobile, check out these parts and accessories.

Rugged Ridge® 13235.01 Fabric Seat Vest Series Front Row Seat Cover

Modern Batman installments featuring Christian Bale, Ben Affleck, and Robert Pattinson push the caped crusader towards a grittier, more rugged aesthetic. Batman lacks superpowers, so he has to rely on his tools, wits, and equipment to even the odds against his foes. In a sense, his greatest strength is his ability to prepare.

And there’s nothing that says prepared like a rugged seat vest equipped with pockets and straps.

The Rugged Ridge® 13235.01 Fabric Seat Vest Series Front Row Seat Cover is made of black heavy-duty fabric that has a rough, hardened look. It’s the perfect choice for a vehicle inspired by the Dark Knight, rocking a militaristic aesthetic.

Replacement Spoiler

One of the most iconic aspects of the Batmobile’s design is its unique fins reminiscent of bat wings.

For a subtler yet equally distinct alternative, get the Replacement Spoiler with curved tips. It’ll offer a sleek and aerodynamic look while giving your ride a little more personality —  one that aligns with the dark, cool Batmobile in Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992).

Seat Designs® K020-Q6-4OBK Cool Mesh Series Front Row Seat Cover

As dark as the night sky, the Seat Designs® K020-Q6-4OBK Cool Mesh Series Front Row Seat Cover is as black as it is comfortable. Batman himself would be proud of these pitch-black mesh seat covers. The fabric is also breathable, keeping drivers and passengers cool and cozy.

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