BMW Unveils New Logo to Mixed Reactions

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Following the rising trend on flat 2D designs, BMW unveiled a new logo that creates a different rendition of the old company logo that’s been around for more than a century.

The new insignia made its debut on the BMW i4 concept this week and shows a very stark contrast from the iconic BMW badge.

While it retained the circular shape and basic architecture of the logo, the new one noticeably sports the blue and white colors reminiscent of the Bavarian state where BMW originated.

It also features a retro font that spells out BMW and the outer circle is no longer white but clear. This means the new badge will change its color according to the surface it is slapped on.

The new logo drew mixed reactions from the public.

New BMW logo on steering wheel of BMW i4
BMW said the new badge is intended for media branding and will be used in addition to the classic logo. | Source: BMW

However, a spokesperson from BMW said it will not replace the current roundel seen on BMW cars. “It won’t be deployed in physically on cars… the existing logo remains in use there,” he said.

BMW also said the new badge is intended for media branding and will be used in addition to the classic logo, adding that the design is better suited to the digital age. The transparent ring, according to the company, future-proofs its online and offline identity.

“With visual restraint and graphic flexibility, we are equipping ourselves for the vast variety of touchpoints in communication at which BMW will be present,” BMW Senior Vice President Jens Thiemerit said.

According to reports, BMW’s transition to the new logo will begin now until the end of May 2021. All online and offline communications will reportedly switch to it, including those at trade fairs, motor shows, and other events.

In 2018, Mini also changed its logo to a two-dimensional design, followed by Volkswagen last year.

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