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  • Keeping your car organized is important for a pleasant drive. You can buy a seat organizer to hold more items within reach of the back seat, a seat gap organizer to keep extra things close at hand for the driver, and under seat storage for bulkier items.
  • Holders for specialized items keep them in sight and easy to find. Get a phone mount so you can see your navigation app without taking your eyes off the road, a hand sanitizer holder if you don’t want to lose your hand sanitizer bottle, and a sunglasses holder to keep your shades within reach.
  • Protectors keep your car interiors clean and protected. A child car seat protector keeps your child’s car seat from denting the actual seats, easy-to-clean seat covers allow you to customize your interiors, sun shades protect the interiors and car passengers from UV rays, and a console cover keeps the center console safe while off-roading.

Stepping into your car for a drive every day can get more than a little taxing over time. Stuff piles up, your things end up strewn around, and some interior parts simply deteriorate if you don’t protect them. Keeping your car’s interiors clean and tidy will make any drive more enjoyable. Today we’ll be looking at handy car accessories for interiors and what they can do for you.

Organizers and Storage

The first step to sprucing up your car’s interiors is to sort everything that’s currently inside. As an extra step, you might want to empty everything out and give your car a good clean before you start organizing. Make sure you don’t have any unnecessary items cluttering your seats or floors. Pack up the items you or your passengers regularly use during a drive with these useful organizers and storage solutions:

Seat Organizer

Sometimes your car’s interior storage options simply aren’t enough to hold everything. That’s where seat organizers come in. These organizers hang on the back of your front seats and have multiple compartments to hold different items like tissues, water bottles, chargers, and more. These types of organizers are great for kids too, because they can store some coloring supplies or car toys inside.

You can pick up something like the Bestop Cargo Organizer and hang it from the back of your seat with ease. This model even has buckles on the bottom to keep it in place during bumpier rides.

car seat gap organizer with cup and wallet
A seat gap organizer slides into the space between the center console and the front seats, and has long pockets of space for you to place your wallet, coins, phone, or other small bits and bobs.

Seat Gap Organizer

If there’s not enough space on your vehicle’s center console, you can opt to purchase a seat gap organizer to make more room. The Armor All Two-Pack Cup Holder Organizer is one such organizer. This clever accessory slides into the space between the center console and the front seats. It has long pockets of space for you to place your wallet, coins, phone, or other small bits and bobs. There’s also a cup holder at the end in case you have too many drinks and not enough holders inside your car.

For safety though, be sure not to block your access to the shifter or the emergency brake.

Under Seat Storage

Under seat storage is great if you need more storage but don’t want to eat up too much cabin space. Boxes like the Husky Liners Under Seat Storage Box go underneath the back seats, taking up space that would have otherwise been unusable. Some of these boxes even have dividers to help you organize the things you put inside. They can hold bulkier items like repair tools, extra oil, and jumper cables if needed.

If you want extra security, you can buy something like the Bestop Underseat Storage Box instead, which has a lock to keep your valuables safe.


Some items, like your phone, deserve their own special holder when you’re driving about. These holders keep important things close at hand and easy to find. 

Phone Mount

While phones are undoubtedly a handy tool, they shouldn’t be used when driving. At the same time, their capabilities as a hand-held GPS have made them a staple on any trip. A phone mount can hold your phone in a prime location so you can keep an eye on your navigation app without looking away from the road. You can buy something like the Weathertech Cell Phone Holder to hold your phone close to your dash for easy access. 

Hand Sanitizer Holder

The car is the perfect place to keep some hand sanitizer. You can give your hands a spritz of hand sanitizer to get rid of pesky germs every time you come into the car. Something like the Weathertech Hand Sanitizer Holder serves to hold both your hand sanitizer and your phone, ensuring you’ll never lose sight of either on your daily drives.

Sunglasses Holder

Driving with the sun in your eyes isn’t fun. Keep a pair of driving sunglasses in your car so you don’t need to dig through your bag every time the glare kicks in. A case like the Replacement Overhead Sunglasses Holder can keep your sunglasses safe and scratch-free while also sitting on your vehicle’s roof for easy access. This car interior accessory is a must-have for driving in sunny climates.

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It’s natural for wear and tear to happen over time, and your car’s interiors are no exception. If you want to keep your car’s interiors looking nice for longer, you might want to pick up some of these protectors:

Child Car Seat Protector

If you have a child’s car seat, you’ll likely want a protector like the Weathertech Child Car Seat Protector. Protectors like these keep the child’s car seats from denting your vehicle’s actual seats while also protecting them from minor spills and messes. They come in different colors to suit your car’s interiors too. 

Seat Covers

Seat covers are a great way to customize your car’s interiors. There are a ton of different colors out there to suit whatever vibe you want to give off. You can go for something bright and eye-catching like the Seat Designs Neosupreme Series Pink Seat Covers or something more minimalist and sleek like Covercraft Carhartt Super Dux SeatSaver Series Black Covers. Whatever you pick, seat covers are a great way to add your personal touch to your car’s interiors. They also help keep dust and grime off your actual seats and are much easier to clean.

Sun Shade

Sun shades protect you, your passengers, and your car’s interiors from the sun’s harsh UV rays. Pick up a set like the QuikSnap Sun Shade Set to keep your interior car components from fading too fast or melting in the heat. It’ll also keep you from getting sunburn on long drives on the open road.

Console Cover

If you’re into off-roading, you might want to consider buying a console cover like the Rugged Ridge Console Cover. These covers protect the console top from the rough and tumble situations that you face when you’re off the beaten path. Rugged covers can withstand more abuse than the typical cloth and leather console tops, and this one has a fun design to boot.

We hope these car interior accessories can improve your daily drive. Each one has its place and use. In the end, what you should buy depends on what you need. Pick up whatever will make driving feel more comfortable and enjoyable.

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