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Months of city-wide, statewide, or nationwide lockdowns are not sustainable for the economy. As the United States starts easing shelter-in-place regulations and businesses begin to reopen, more people are expected to gather in public spaces despite the still prevalent threat of the coronavirus.

In ushering the reopening of establishments and offices, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a new publication titled, “Covid-19 Employer Information for Office Buildings,” which highlights the benefits of using private vehicles instead of public transportation during the coronavirus crisis.

Hand on steering wheel
The CDC urges employers to encourage employees to drive to work instead of using public transportation.

In the publication, the CDC shares recommendations on how employers can implement social distancing protocols within office premises, as well as ways to ensure the virus won’t spread within enclosed spaces by constantly wearing face masks, downsizing the number of attendees in a meeting, and holding them outdoors when possible.

Aside from these measures, the CDC also recommends the use of private vehicles over ride-sharing platforms and public transportation.

According to the CDC, employers should encourage employees to drive to work by giving incentives like shouldering parking fees. In cases where the use of public transit is unavoidable, the CDC also mentioned allowing workers to stagger their work hours so they can avoid rush hours when using the bus or the subway.

These measures are being considered as part of the “new normal” as the world tries to deal with the harrowing effects of the pandemic both physically, emotionally, and financially. And if employers want to keep their businesses running, exploring new measures to ensure their employees’ and customers’ protection from the virus will be necessary.

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