Details Emerge on Next-Gen Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon

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Aging trucks Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon are getting their long-overdue updates in 2023 and the company has released the latest details on both models.

The current generation of the Colorado was introduced in 2013, while the newest Canyon goes back to early 2014. And while the trucks remain strong sellers for their brands, with the Colorado selling 134,842 units last year and the Canyon recording 33,492 deliveries, both trucks have not gone through any major updates.

It was announced that the Colorado and Canyon will undergo development in Brazil for the coming model years. However, taking the recent instability of South American markets into consideration, General Motors decided it will instead move both models into an all-new global platform rather than having them ride the current “31xx” platform.

The new Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon are expected to be global models, meaning, both midsize trucks will look the same in all countries they will be sold in.

The new platform referred to, for now, as the “31xx-2” will be an evolutionary upgrade, according to the company.

The new Colorado and Canyon are also expected to be global models, meaning, both midsize trucks will look the same in all countries they will be sold in. This is different from trucks currently in the market, which carry one styling for, example, its market in North America, and then a different one for markets such as Australia or Asia.

Having the same designs for all markets allows GM to cut back on costs, and possibly direct its savings into the development of future SUV variants.

But since the new Colorado and Canyon trucks won’t be available in 2023, GM must continue working wonders for the pickups, so they maintain their good sales figures until their improved versions arrive, especially amid tough competition in the segment.

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