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Your towing setup should be reliable and secure to reduce the risk of accidents or equipment failures on the road. Equip your work vehicle with tow bars and base plates from CURT® to ensure your towing trip is smooth and safe. Get up to a $75 rebate on select CURT® tow bars and base plates when you purchase today through 10/31.

Curt promo
Get up to $75 Rebate on Select Curt® Tow Bar & Tow Bar Bracket. This limited-time offer is valid from September 01 to October 31, 2023. See list below for eligible parts.

Ever heard of flat towing? It’s an efficient way for transporting an extra vehicle while camping. CURT® provides the essential accessories for this type of towing, specifically its tow bars and base plates, which are engineered using the latest technology–from cutting-edge design software to advanced robotic welding to unique finishing processes. These CURT® must-haves allow safe towing for extended distances, giving you the freedom of having a spare vehicle once you reach your destination.

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  1. BUY A QUALIFYING PRODUCT. The purchase date, not the shipping date, must fall in the eligible promotional dates shown above.
  2. CUT OUT THE ORIGINAL 12-DIGIT UPC BAR CODE from the product packaging and attach to this form or a separate piece of paper. If the 12-digit UPC bar code is a sticker on the product that is not easy to remove, you may submit a clear picture or photocopy of the 12-digit UPC bar code instead. If the product was professionally installed, a copy of the installation receipt or work order, with qualifying part clearly identified, may be submitted in lieu of the 12-digit UPC bar code.
  3. INCLUDE A COPY OF THE DETAILED PURCHASE/INSTALLATION RECEIPT or online purchase confirmation detailing the purchase date, qualifying product description, price paid, quantity and the eligible item circled. Packing slips will only be accepted when attached to proof of purchase (such as with an order acknowledgment email showing price paid/quantity), with the eligible item circled.
  4. Be prepared to submit:
  • A copy of this completed form.
  • The 12-digit UPC bar code taped to this form or a piece of paper (or installation receipt)
  • A copy of your detailed purchase/installation receipt
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5. Mail to:

 PO BOX 130020
 EL PASO, TX 88513

Items Covered

Product Name Shop Link
Curt® 70001 Tow Bar CUR70001
Curt® 70139 Tow Bar CUR70139
Curt® 70142 Tow Bar CUR70142
Curt® 70141 Tow Bar CUR70141
Curt® 70140 Tow Bar CUR70140
Curt® 70121 Tow Bar CUR70121
Curt® 70124 Tow Bar CUR70124
Curt® 70127 Tow Bar CUR70127
Curt® 70128 Tow Bar CUR70128
Curt® 70129 Tow Bar CUR70129
Curt® 70132 Tow Bar CUR70132
Curt® 70133 Tow Bar CUR70133
Curt® 70134 Tow Bar CUR70134
Curt® 70135 Tow Bar CUR70135
Curt® 70136 Tow Bar CUR70136
Curt® 70137 Tow Bar CUR70137
Curt® 70138 Tow Bar CUR70138
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