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It looks like the minivan segment is saying goodbye to another vehicle as Dodge is reportedly putting a stop to the Grand Caravan’s production in 2020.

In a recent report from Automotive News, AutoForecast Solutions was cited to have released information about the upcoming demise of the minivan. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, however, has yet to give a comment about the issue.

Rumors of the model’s end do not entirely come as a surprise, especially with the introduction of the Chrysler Voyager as a cheaper minivan option from the FCA group.

, Dodge to Cease Grand Caravan Production in 2020
Dodge is reportedly ending the Grand Caravan’s production in 2020.

The Grand Caravan’s base price is marked at $28,535, whereas the Chrysler Voyager is slightly cheaper at $28,480. And while there isn’t much difference on the price, there is a chance that FCA will offer other incentives for the Voyager, although these likely couldn’t be more than what has already been offered for the Grand Caravan, which put its average transaction prices down to $24,972.

“For the 2020 model year, they’ll likely run to fleet and then get the consumers to buy the new Voyager,” said Sam Fioriani, vice president of global vehicle forecasting at AutoForecast Solutions.

Additionally, stopping the Grand Caravan’s production is seen as Chrysler’s strategy to split the Pacifica into two different lines. Grand Caravan proves to be the more profitable model for FCA, selling more units than the much better Pacifica because of its lower price. But if Grand Caravan production ends at FCA’s assembly plant in Windsor, Ontario, consumers will be left with no other budget minivan option than the Voyager.

Both the 2020 Voyager and Pacifica are expected to arrive at dealerships later this year and it would take a few more months to see how the two models perform for FCA. Until then, everything stays in the dark with regard to the Grand Caravan’s future.

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