EPISODE 3: Bestop Trektop PRO Hybrid Top Install

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Level of Difficulty: Moderate

Tools Required: Hand tools and an assistant

Installed By: OC Motorsports and Bestop

Install Time: Approximately 4 hours

Selecting the right top for your Jeep can be a daunting task; there are many options, styles and price points to consider before making a choice. One easy way to cut through the myriad of options is to pick a brand that specializes in Jeep tops and accessories for over 50 years or consider the manufacturer of original equipment Jeep tops- Bestop’s parent is Magna International the OE supplier to Jeep and many other auto manufacturers. Either way you will end up looking closely at Bestop. When we first saw the new Trektop PRO Hybrid top at the SEMA Show last November we knew it was the top for our Centennial JK. The newest addition to the Bestop line is packed with all of the features you always wanted in an Aftermarket top with OE fit, finish and functionality. This top is truly unique with the shape and fit of a hard top combined with the utility and “removability” of a traditional soft top. The black twill material gives the Trektop PRO a premium look to match its cutting edge design. In addition to its unique lines and perfect fit on our Centennial JK; the real surprise was how easily it was installed. Bestop’s very detailed instructions say that the install will take four hours requiring just basic hand tools. We were fortunate to have Bill Haberkamp, the Product Manager who led the development and manufacturing engineering of the Trektop PRO and Butch Madigan, Western Regional Director from Bestop join us with Daniel of OC Motorsports to install one of the first production units on our Jeep. As we got started Bill reiterated that a typical Jeep owner can install the Trektop Pro. He suggested that reading the directions a few times would be very helpful and that hand-tightening all of the hardware as you go before you snug all of the fittings, especially the backlight. The first parts to install are the cable and rear support brackets followed by the front door surrounds and window carriers. The Trektop PRO features sliding glass windows that are easily removed when you want to peel off the top and enjoy the open air Jeep experience. Next up is the installation of the three piece “halo” at the rear of the top. Formed of ABS plastic the halo components are light, sturdy and easy to fit, giving the top its unique look and a stable mounting point for the glass backlight; complete with integrated defroster and rear wiper mounting points. The high quality seals and hardware provided are designed for a long, squeak free life. Bestop chose OE lift struts to support the glass window and they make accessing and loading the cargo area very easy.

The top is coming together nicely and the next few pieces round out the installation; aluminum support arches snap into place followed by the side bows that hold the header and their supports clip into the quick release brackets and the Sunrider is set. Bill and Daniel attached the header to the top fabric and staged the top fabric for final installation on the frame.

The side windows go on next and slide into the support brackets. Finally Bill and Daniel smoothed and secured the top fabric onto the frame with the cleverly designed hooks and loops that tuck directly into the frame. A factory wiring harness is provided to attach the defroster and wiper motor if your Jeep is so equipped.

Thanks again to the Bestop crew-their new Trektop Pro has transformed our Centennial JK and we are ready to take on the highway and trails in comfort and with style!

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