FCA Eyeing to Open Low-Emission Manufacturing Plant

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Following reports of its merger with the PSA Group, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles announced it is going to open a new manufacturing plant on the east side of Detroit.

FCA claims the new factory is going to be the company’s lowest-emission vehicle-producing factory in the United States. The plant is also where the brand is planning to build two new electrified SUVs, bringing as many as 4,950 jobs in the area.

, FCA Eyeing to Open Low-Emission Manufacturing Plant
Two new electrified SUVs are set to be built on the new FCA facility: the Jeep Grand Cherokee and a three-row version of the model.

The two new electrified SUVs believed to be built on the new facility are the Grand Cherokee and a three-row version of the model. Meanwhile, the company’s Mack Avenue factory will accommodate the production of the next-generation Grand Wagoneer.

Furthermore, FCA is planning to meet its factory emissions goals with the use of hydrogen fuel cells as a power source for the material handling fleet. It is also looking to get its paint shop LEED-certified and use nothing but LED lighting both inside and outside the facility in addition to “industry-leading” water treatment and recycling systems that will be installed.

“Following numerous public and private discussions with residents, especially those nearest the facility, we’re proud to share our environmental plans and the future of FCA manufacturing in Detroit,” said Mark Stewart, COO of FCA North America, in a statement. “We’re honored the residents of the city support us, and know that every step of the way, we need to prove that we follow through on our commitments and will be good neighbors long in our collective future.”

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