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  • A good steering wheel cover promotes excellent grip, bringing comfort and style to the part.
  • It also protects the steering wheel from sun exposure.
  • To get a durable steering wheel cover, check the material’s stitching to ensure it’ll hold up to wear and tear.

Summer is the best time for scenic trips and long drives. But before going on an adventure, preparing your vehicle for rising temperatures is a must. You’ve checked your batteries, engine, tires, and A/C—but have you thought about protecting your car’s interior components?

UV rays and trapped heat are one of the leading causes of interior damage. On bright sunny days, your windshield can turn into one big magnifying glass, amplifying the sun’s effects on the trim. Extreme heat can cause parts like your steering wheel to dry out.

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One way to prevent sun damage on your vehicle is by getting the best steering wheel cover for heat protection. To help you find the right one, here are five things that should be on your checklist.

Excellent grip

Having a good grip on your steering wheel is extremely important, especially while turning into corners. On its own, a bare steering wheel may become slippery with normal wear. A cover should fit snugly over the steering wheel and give your hands extra grip so that you always have full control of the vehicle.

steering wheel cover
A good steering wheel cover will help you protect the resale value of your vehicle by preventing damage on your steering wheel.

Designed for comfort

Another thing that you should consider in choosing a steering wheel cover is comfort. Parking your vehicle under the sun for extended periods can cause hot air to get trapped inside. This can make the steering wheel too hot to touch. A heat and weather-resistant steering wheel cover can help you prevent this from happening.

Some drivers also develop blisters from using bare steering wheels for long drives. Padded steering wheel covers not only help in preventing blisters, but it can also reduce driver fatigue. This type of steering wheel cover is great for keeping your hands comfortable on long drives or quick hops .

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Sun protection

Sun exposure, combined with regular wear, will eventually cause your interiors to dry out. As the material dries out, it can get discolored and even crack. Dark-colored interiors are particularly prone to bleaching. A good steering wheel cover will help you protect the resale value of your vehicle by preventing damage on your steering wheel.


Adding a steering wheel cover is a quick and easy way to dress up your car’s dashboard. These covers come in different colors, materials, and styles. You can choose to get ones made from leather, synthetic leather, faux fleece or wool, rubber, and even wood. Generally, it is recommended to get a steering wheel cover that complements your vehicle’s upholstery.

steering wheel covers
Adding a steering wheel cover is a quick and easy way to dress up your car’s dashboard.


Leather is by far the most popular material used for car interiors. It is also the top choice for steering wheel covers because of its breathability and weather resistance. Genuine leather is thick enough to provide excellent grip, yet soft enough for comfort.

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Be sure to check the stitching of the material to make sure it’ll hold up to wear and tear. It may cost more than synthetic or cloth steering wheel covers, but you’ll end up saving more because they are less prone to damage and last longer, even with heavy use.

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