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Ford is recalling nearly 68,000 vehicles built in February or March this year over reports of problems with the 10-speed automatic transmission.

The recall includes models such as the F-150, Ranger, and Expedition, affecting a total of 55,158 vehicles in the United States, 12,900 in Canada, and 68 in Mexico.

According to the automaker, the safety recall was prompted when it was discovered that a clip meant to keep the gearshift cable and transmission connected may not be properly attached. As a result, the transmission can be in a different gear than what a driver selects.

Closeup of a car's parking brake
It is reported the parking brake may not also be properly applied even after the vehicle is turned off.

This increases the possibility for the driver to put the shifter in park mode but the transmission will remain in drive gear. And in some instances, it is also possible that even after the vehicle is turned off, the parking brake may not be properly applied, causing the vehicle to move.

Ford clarified that it is not aware of any injuries or accidents that may have been caused by the issue. The company also made it clear that the problem does not affect vehicles equipped with a rotary-dial gearshift.

Owners of the affected vehicles are advised to bring their cars to the dealership, where technicians will inspect the cable locking clip and properly seat it if necessary.

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