Ford’s Defective Transmission Still Causing Owners Problems

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It looks like Ford’s problems with its faulty dual-clutch six-speed transmission won’t be going anywhere as the automaker is once again in hot water after an owner of a Ford Focus was revealed to have driven home in reverse. The culprit? Transmission failure.

Since 2016, the automaker has had a total of five clutch replacements, went under a federal investigation, and faced a class-action lawsuit filed by several owners of defective vehicles.

These problems were prompted by reports of owners having reliability issues, complaints of shuddering, jerks, and shift hesitations with Ford’s gearbox. The gearbox in question is suspected to have been put into production before the problems were fixed.

Ford Focus owner Mark DaGraca shared he “had to drive home one day in reverse because [the car] would not drive forward.”
In relation to the issue, the Detroit Free Press published a report where it shared the story of Mark DaGraca, an owner of a 2016 Ford Focus that has undergone five clutch replacements for which he had to use his own money after the transmission problems have outlasted the car’s warranty.

But even after several clutch replacements, DaGraca said there was an incident where he “had to drive home one day in reverse because [the car] would not drive forward.”

The report went on to detail the experiences of several other Ford owners whose cars were also suffering from the same problems, having been equipped with the same transmission.

Most of the owners gave up trying to fix and driving their cars, although some were able to get Ford to buy back the vehicle but only after going the legal route.

A Ford representative spoke on the issue, saying, “While these vehicles always were and remain safe to drive, we regret the inconvenience our customers have experienced.”

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