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Does it seem like you can’t get all the dirt stains off of your WeatherTech mats no matter how much you scrub or rinse them off? Here’s an easy guide on how to clean WeatherTech Mats:

1. Hose them down

Remove the retention hooks from each hole in your floor mats. Once removed from your car, shake your floor mats to get rid of the loose dirt. Use a water hose to spray dirt away.

If you do not have a water hose, you may use your tub as an alternative to wash your floor mats.

2. Use an All Purpose Cleaner (APC)

Spray APC all over the floor mat and let it sit for a couple of seconds. Mix a bucket of water with a few drops of mild liquid detergent or dish soap (or fill your tub with water and liquid detergent). You will need it for the next step. If you don’t have APC, a liquid detergent or dish soap may do.

However, WeatherTech advises not to use heavy degreasers or anything stronger than liquid detergents as they may damage floor mats. Damage or wear due to severe abrasive conditions, chemical contamination, vehicle accidents, misuse, abuse, incorrect installation, incorrect use, etc. are excluded from WeatherTech Warranty.

Product shot of WeatherTech TechCare Floor Liner and Floor Mat Cleaner Spray
TechCare Floor Liner and Floor Mat Cleaner Spray by WeatherTech. | Source: WeatherTech

WeatherTech has TechCare® Floor Liner and Floor Mat Cleaner to help remove dirt from your floor mats. The TechCare FloorLiner and Floor Mat Cleaner is a custom-engineered and phosphate-free formula containing biodegradable ingredients. This may be the best way to clean WeatherTech Mats as it is made specifically for WeatherTech. Simply spray the formula all over the floor mats then scrub it using a medium bristle brush.

You can avail WeatherTech TechCare® Floor Liner and Floor Mat Cleaner from

3. Scrub it

Using a soft cleaning brush, scrub all the sides of the mat until it’s clean. Scrub the ridges a little bit more to remove dirt stuck in between. Continue doing this until all marks and dirt are gone.

4. Rinse away and dry up

Rinse the floor mat using water hose (or refill your tub with clean water) until all traces of soap have been removed. Dry the floor mats thoroughly using towel or air-dry them before reinstalling in your car. Don’t forget to reattach the retention hooks so that the floor mats won’t slip.

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