Hummer EV Debut Likely to Be an Online Exclusive

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If there’s another model that’s as highly-anticipated as the revived Ford Bronco, it’s the Hummer EV.

First teased by General Motors at the 2020 Super Bowl, the returning model was initially scheduled to debut last month. But when the coronavirus pandemic started spreading in the United States by March, GM was forced to delay the release of the electric vehicle.

Fortunately for interested buyers, development was not affected despite closures of several production facilities across the United States. This means that GM is still on schedule to reveal the vehicle later this year and officially launch it for the 2021 or 2022 model year.

Front shot of Hummer EV
The next-generation Hummer EV will be powered by a purely electric engine. | Source:

So far, the automaker has not released any information on a potential debut date. But, according to rumors, organizers are looking at the possibility of making it a digital experience.

“They [the upcoming GM debuts] will largely be online,” GM CEO Mary Barra told radio host Jeff Gilbert at a recent Automotive Press Association fireside chat. “We’ll use both virtual and augmented reality technologies to help tell our story. I think we’ll be able to generate excitement and share what these products are quite widely.”

The plan is not surprising given the current situation in the U.S. and with the pandemic being far from over. And while GM is yet to announce the official date of the reveal, some people are expecting the company to release information within the next two months.

When it arrives, the next-generation Hummer EV will be powered by a purely electric engine. It will be sold under the GMC marque, although there are also reports that it could be a standalone brand.

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