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The SEMA Show 2023 in vibrant Las Vegas was an automotive extravaganza, showcasing an impressive lineup of vehicles that dared to redefine the boundaries of design, craftsmanship, and sheer imagination.

Amidst the lively event buzz and the team’s extensive photo collection, a meticulous selection unfolded, driven by personal preferences and a deep appreciation for quality, creativity, style, and a myriad of intricate technical details.

From this bustling showcase, eight stellar vehicles emerged as true standouts, stealing the hearts and attention of our crew. Each of these selections spans diverse automotive genres, radiating their unique charm and allure.

In the world of cars, our aim is to be your friendly, seasoned guide, providing reliable parts and trustworthy repair advice. At SEMA 2023, we found vehicles that captured our imagination, ones we believe hold promise for enthusiasts seeking quality and distinction in their automotive pursuits.

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2023 Chevrolet C8 Corvette by Cunningham Motorsports

CARPARTS SEMA2023 TopPicks 5

Why It’s Awesome –  Cunningham Motorsports fitted this C8 with a full carbon fiber body kit. The carbon weaves are visible under its unique turquoise blue finish making it a total head turner. The car is also outfitted with carbon fiber ceramic brake rotors via CTE Racing.

  • Model: 2023 Chevrolet C8 Corvette
  • Owner: Cunningham Motorsports
  • Category: Sportscars

40’s Dodge Pickup

CARPARTS SEMA2023 TopPicks 2

Why It’s Awesome – The custom bodywork alone is noteworthy, but the real eye catcher is the Arias Hemi V6 (one of six ever produced). 

  • Model: 40’s Dodge Pickup
  • Owner: Unknown (Displayed at the Tremec area outside the main hall)
  • Category: Hot Rods

2023 Chevrolet KR2 by Flat Out Autos

CARPARTS SEMA2023 TopPicks 3

Why It’s Awesome – GM didn’t give us the K5 Blazer we wanted, so Flat Out Autos made one. The KR2 is based on a 2023 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 with significant customization (notice how there’s no longer a detached bed). The most impressive thing about it? To the uninitiated, it just looks like a new car off the Chevrolet dealer showroom floor.

  • Model: 2023 Chevrolet KR2
  • Owner: Flat Out Autos
  • Category: Trucks
  • More Info: Click Here
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1963 International Pickup

CARPARTS SEMA2023 TopPicks 6

Why It’s Awesome – Trucks of this size and level of customization aren’t uncommon at SEMA, but building something off an old International truck platform is. The level of fabrication is amazing and the paint scheme is tasteful. Even if you’re not into lifted trucks, it’s hard to not appreciate this one. 

Widebody Turbo V6 MR2 by Falcon Creations Auto Lab

CARPARTS SEMA2023 TopPicks 8

Why It’s Awesome – The only MR2 at an extremely packed auto show! The MR2 is a classic tuner car, and this one has been heavily modified with a custom widebody kit, turbo, and too many mods to list here.

FREEZE Jeep by Steer Smarts

CARPARTS SEMA2023 TopPicks 7

Why It’s Awesome – What’s better than ice cream after a tough, off-road adventure in the middle of nowhere? Fresh soft-serve ice cream, that’s what! Steer Smarts created this awesome Jeep to bring a little joy to the wilderness, and we love it.

  • Model: Jeep Wrangler
  • Owner: Steer Smarts @steersmarts
  • Category: Specialty/Custom Off-Road
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Wayne Banga’s Subaru BRZ by Kinetic Autoworks

CARPARTS SEMA2023 TopPicks 1 1

Why It’s Awesome – This stunning Widebody BRZ, wrapped in a vibrant Marigold Orange hue, stood out with its remarkable custom kit. Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, the widebody modifications seamlessly accentuated the vehicle’s lines, creating a captivating visual spectacle. Upgrades, including meticulously restored Meisters and various expertly installed components, underscored the dedication to excellence evident in this showcase.

Wayne Banga’s Subaru BRZ by Kinetic Autoworks

CARPARTS SEMA2023 TopPicks 4

Why It’s Awesome – This one sort of speaks for itself and it was one of the most talked about and photographed cars of the show this year. Typically I’m not super interested by EV swaps, but this one brough something special to the table. The bodywork in full carbon fiber looks menacing, and the 240z silhouette is timeless. I read that it puts out 400 hp and weighs around 2300 pounds so should be really fast. 

  • Model: Legacy EV 240Z
  • Owner: Industry Garage @industrygarage, Build Sponsored by CSF Radiators @csf_radiators
  • Category: Classic Imports / EVs / EV Conversions
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