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  • Consumer reports gave the 2019 Jeep Cherokee a low reliability rating of 2 out of 5, ranking it 26th out of the 27 SUVs reviewed by Consumer Reports.
  • A lot of drivers recommend older Cherokees because of the wide availability of aftermarket parts and simpler features that make repairs easier.
  • Some of the common issues that plague the Jeep Cherokee include engine stalls, transmission problems, and transmission-related recalls.

The Jeep Cherokee is an SUV known for its impressive fuel economy and enhanced powertrain. It’s also a popular choice among drivers who enjoy going on off-road adventures. But just like any other vehicle, it’s far from perfect. If you drive a Cherokee, it’s good to learn about the common issues you may encounter as it racks up mileage.

Is the Jeep Cherokee Reliable?

Jeep Cherokee White variant
The Jeep Cherokee is an SUV known for its impressive fuel economy and enhanced powertrain.

The Jeep Cherokee has received low to average reliability scores over the years. Consumer Reports gave the 2019 model a disappointing 2 out of 5, ranking it 26th out of the 27 SUVs in its segment. Other websites like RepairPal gave it higher scores because its average cost to repair and maintain is lower compared to other vehicles in its class.

Are Old Jeep Cherokees Reliable?

Older vehicles tend to have a bad rap among drivers for many reasons, but the same thing can’t be said about the Cherokee.

A lot of drivers recommend buying old Cherokees with a couple thousand miles on them because of several factors.

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First, old Cherokees are known to have a strong aftermarket presence when it comes to the availability of replacement parts.

Another reason is that old Cherokees have simpler features than new ones, which means that problems are less likely to occur.

In some cases, maintaining an old vehicle translates to cheaper insurance, too.

Top Jeep Cherokee Problems

Several issues have made an impact on the Cherokee’s reliability over the years. Let’s take a look at some of the most common problems that owners have encountered in different model years.

Engine Stalling

Despite the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee’s fresh look and convenience updates, its engine may suddenly shut down while the vehicle is in motion. In some cases, drivers only narrowly missed causing a serious collision as their engines stalled in traffic.

According to, the problem is likely linked to the Cherokee’s defective 9-speed transmission. Hard shifting, lurching, and wiring harness defects may cause engine stall or a sudden shift to neutral. Owners of this model year report that the issue became apparent at around 7,350 miles.

The 2015 Jeep Cherokee also has its fair share of engine issues.

Owners of the affected model have reported cases where their vehicles would suddenly shut down while driving with no indication from the dashboard of any fault code.

Some drivers also noticed that their vehicles would stall when the oil life indicator falls below 30%, causing the engine to stall.

Most drivers were able to resolve the issue by topping up on engine oil while others had to replace the handler or intelligent power distribution unit.

Transmission Problems

While the fifth generation (2014-2020) of the Jeep Cherokee is known for its transmission problems, the 2014 and 2015 models are said to be the most problematic.

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These models suffer from stuck gears, poor throttle response, and rough coasting. There were also incidents of delayed downshifting and erratic behavior that caused Jeeps to switch between gears unexpectedly. Complete transmission failure has also been reported as early as 70,000 miles.

Owners have linked these problems to the model’s ZF 9-speed automatic transmission. Originally intended as an upgrade for the new generation, it instead became the source of thousands of complaints from drivers of the 2014 Cherokee.

The manufacturer of the ZF 9-speed transmission claims that the problems aren’t mechanical in nature. They insist that these issues are merely caused by a software glitch. However, multiple software updates haven’t fully resolved the transmission issues in most Cherokees.

Transmission-related Recalls

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA), Chrysler (FCA US LLC) has recalled certain 2014 Jeep Cherokee models because of a stuck transmission clutch. This problem may cause your transmission to shift to neutral unexpectedly, compromising your safety on the road. Jeep dealers updated the transmission software to resolve the issue.

Another recall was issued by Chrysler in late 2018 involving about 86,053 units of the 2019 Jeep Cherokee equipped with 2.4L engines. According to the NHTSA, the transmissions on these units were improperly calibrated, causing the engine to stall. To solve the issue, dealers needed to re-flash the transmission controller with new calibration.

Backup Sensor Alarm Malfunction

Aside from transmission issues, there were also complaints regarding the 2015 Jeep Cherokee’s backup sensor alarm. Several owners have reported that it would beep unexpectedly and wouldn’t stop until the engine has been turned off for a while.

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Jeep Cherokee 2015 Side View
Aside from transmission issues, there were also complaints regarding the 2015 Jeep Cherokee’s backup sensor alarm.

This issue isn’t exclusive to Cherokees. Other Jeep models have had similar problems with their backup sensor alarm. In most cases, leaving the vehicle parked for a while resolved the problem. If your vehicle continues to have problems with this alarm, take it to a mechanic right away for proper diagnosis.

Faulty Liftgate

Several 2014 Jeep Cherokee owners have complained about a malfunctioning electric liftgate, which would make an unusual noise while it operates or completely fail to latch.

Aside from being a safety hazard, a malfunctioning liftgate can also drain your vehicle’s battery. Some owners have failed to fix the issue despite replacing the faulty electric latch. It’s best to take your Cherokee to a mechanic right away once you notice any signs of liftgate malfunction.  

Warped Front Brake Rotors

Older Jeep Cherokee models have had fewer issues overall. However, there are a few brake problems listed for various model years. For instance, some 1998-2001 Jeep Cherokees suffer from excessive vibration when braking. According to RepairPal, this may be caused by warped front brake rotors.

Needless to say, any issue involving your brakes shouldn’t be taken lightly. Have your Jeep checked by a mechanic right away, and get a high-quality brake replacement as needed.

The Cherokee is far from perfect, but it remains one of the most popular off-road SUVs on the market. By knowing the common problems to expect for different model years, you can stay on top of maintenance and repairs that’ll maximize the service life of your Jeep.

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June Spaleny

Wow is all I can say about my 2015 Jeep Cherokee and not in a good way. My stop/start module went out and my car acted like it was Possessed and then it died. Got that fixed. Well yesterday it left me stranded again for the third time in 3 yrs. my emergency brake module went out and it made my car act like it was possessed again and it died. Luckily I made it off the road cause everything locks up. Do you know how dangerous this is? I would never buy another Jeep.


This is exactly what is papering to my wife’s car. Over $1K chasing the problem and it is only getting worse. Have you found the problem or had it repaired yet.


My 2015 Limited is in the shop right now for emergency brake module failure. It is due to cracks in the body welding in the top corners of the hatch that allows water to flow into the rear panels and the spare tire well. The modular is right below the rear speaker by the tire well. open your tailgate, look at the top corners of the body that is covered with the door when it is closed, and see if you have cracks.

Frederick E. Edwards

Mine stalled out but then said to engage engine in order to drive, and the main thing is, I had just put it in park and it lurched forwards hitting the wall of my garage.

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