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Prior to its release, the Jeep Gladiator was predicted to overtake the Jeep Wrangler in terms of accessory sales among the entire Fiat Chrysler Automobile lineup.

And that prediction has been made official as the model recently surpassed its corporate sibling after only a few months on the market, according to FCA’s Mopar unit.

Data shows that Gladiator buyers are spending an average of $1,000 per vehicle on accessories, clearly topping Wrangler owners who are paying approximately $800 on average.

, Jeep Gladiator Unseats Jeep Wrangler as FCA’s New Accessories King
Jeep makes more than 90 percent of the accessories of the Gladiator available at dealerships upon the model’s launch.

The Jeep Gladiator’s high sales numbers on accessories are explained by the model’s off-road readiness. The Gladiator successfully attracts Jeep enthusiasts into upgrading their vehicles with off-roading accessories. At the same time, it is also pulling in buyers from the pickup market who have specific needs when it comes to their trucks.

Mopar’s head of performance and accessories, Kim Mathers, identified lift kits and protective rock rails as two of the most commonly purchased off-road tools by Gladiator owners. It also helps that the company made sure their dealers were prepared for the demand even before the Gladiators arrived in showrooms with more than 90 percent of the products available at dealerships upon the model’s launch.

“The planning for the Gladiator launch has been a long time in the works,” Mathers said. “Before the vehicles even start to hit dealers, we ship them our key marquee parts.”

Aside from off-road capability, buyers are also focused on further improving functionality as well as getting more lifestyle accessories for their trucks. Other popular products include steel-tube doors for buyers who want an open-air feel, military-grade LED lights, and racks for bikes and surfboards.

In the second quarter alone, the Gladiator recorded almost 7,200 sales in the United Sates. It has a 7.7 percent share of the mid-size pickup market just a month after arriving at dealerships. And with demand not slowing down, Mathers said FCA is taking a close look at how consumers are modifying their trucks and is planning them to offer more accessories and performance parts.

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