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Kia is on a roll. When it launched the Telluride in 2019, the automaker enjoyed a huge boost in sales, particularly with customers who wanted the fully-loaded SX trim with the Prestige Package. This exact package sells for $46,390, making the SUV one of the strongest sellers in the lineup.

Following the huge success of the Telluride, Kia launched the 2021 Sorento, a midsize SUV that’s perfect for those who are looking for a spacious vehicle minus the full scale of a three-row model. The Sorento arrived at dealerships in November 2020, and in just two months, Kia is seeing another blockbuster hit.

“The recently launched all-new 2021 Sorento, similar to the start of sales for Telluride and Seltos, has hit the ground running,” Kia National Product Communications Manager James Hope said. “Sales of the capable SUV are turning in just 18 days on average.”

2021 kia sorento x line on the road
With all its features coming at a great price, it’s not difficult to see why more customers are drawn to the Sorento X-Line.| Source: Kia

Also similar to its corporate sibling, the Sorento’s optional X-Line package is drawing the most attention. Hope recently told online publication CarBuzz that the Sorento’s exclusive add-on makes for 25% of the model’s total sales.

The X-Line package comes with a 2.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine and is only available on the range-topping SX-Prestige trim, which retails for $40,590. The X-Line costs an additional $2,000, bringing the total to $42,590. It’s a significant jump on the price when compared to the base Sorento LX that starts at $29,390.

The $2,000 markup is well worth the price, though, considering that it automatically includes an all-wheel-drive that normally costs $1,800 on other Sorento variants. It also upgrades the vehicle’s exterior styling with gray wheels, eye-catching bumpers, roof racks, a one-inch increase in height, special X-Line badging, and the choice to go for an Aruba Green paint job.

With all these inclusions at a great price, it’s not difficult to see why more customers are drawn to the Sorento X-Line.

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